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AT&T / Long Distance / billing errors

1 IL, United States Review updated:

30+ year 'veteran' of AT&T/SBC/Illinois Bell as customer. Was on calling plan for local, longdistance, grandfathered, added AT&T Internet (via SBCGlobal before buyout) Router problems, went to use Dial Up to resolve issues, Dial up number was given by AT&T Rep to use. Got notice of non-compliance with unlimited domestic plan as the Dial Up numbers were more than 8 miles from my home. Notified AT&T that their rep gave me the phone numbers... was then told they can't put me back on the 'package' as it is not longer available.. went to another unlimited package.. more money. June 9th, 2008 Storms took out my router again... called AT&T Cust service, they gave me LOCAL dial up number to connect/test my router... that number would not 'go thru'.. due to storms apparently... sourced via the library additional dial up number and used it for 7 minutes.. TO TEST THE ROUTER/LINE with AT&T and Router toasted so 3rd one Purchased thru AT&T. AT&T Internet Services DID credit replacement cost.. however as I used a dial up number that was working but fell under "local long distance" as more than 8 miles from the house.. (again, I was not able to get THRU on the LOCAL dial up number).. they sent me a 2nd Offense Notification... recieved on June 13th, 2008.. that effective June 9th, 2008.. all long distance calls were billed at a standard rate of $.25 - $.35 per minute. When a new plan would be put in place, billing would be put at $.10/per minute.
I called AT&T Long Distance on June 13th the moment I got the letter of infraction and was told "too bad"... either I sign up for another long distance program that was far more expensive or 'deal with it'.
I called back and said "cancel ALL of my AT&T Long Distance" was told I had fees to pay "your state governor" to remove long distance from my home line. I contacted Vonage and found what seems a worthwhile option... set up porting of number and was in a 30 cancellation option with them. Recieved a phonecall/ automated/ from AT&T regarding change in service.. message was that ALL AT&T services would be disconnected... if that is NOT the case.. call 800-blah blah... which I did. Call taken by male rep who was told what was to be cancelled... what was to remain (Internet / Local calling) and he said after all facts were told.. he'd with my permission.. pass me on up the line to Michalyn, Account Retention Services. Micahlyn, offered credits to offset the long distance calls, put me on a plan all inclusive for $40/month.. gave service discount on the internet portion and told me 'wait for 2 billing cycles.. as we are in the middle of one now, all credits will show up on the 2nd bill so don't worry about the next bill.. just pay it and the credits will be on the following." I was thrilled to the point that I increased now to a 3 pack bundle... dropped Direct Tv and had her add Dish TV to my AT&T Bundle as a thank you / reward for outstanding customer service. Installation was great.. I was happy and the man that needs the longdistance in my house was not so happy as he LOVED DirectTV but ya take what ya get. Just recieved the "2nd bill" that is to have the credits to offset the $140+ plus longdistance bill from the "intermediate" billing cycle... no credits.. hust higher rate of "per minute" long distance. Almost $400. Called AT&T several times only to be put on hold or dance thru the maze of "make yer choice".. and "I'm sorry.. I didn't understand what you said" computer generated "directory". Total time on the phone with AT&T to get NOWHERE was 2 hour 18 minutes. ONE which lasted on HOLD with 2 interuptions to 'hang in there" was 1 hour 28 minutes.. precisely ending 20 minutes AFTER the Michelyn I worked with had 'gone home". I don't work... I am living off my savings as I have to give respite/hospice care to the man who is living with me. HE uses the long distance to talk to his family in FAR away states. North Dakota, California, Florida... and one ex-trucker buddy that keeps him company thru this now 2 1/2 year battle with metastatic cancer and chemo. It's his lifline literally. I can't pay the $400 phone bill.. hard enough to pay the high previous bill.. Need some RESOLVE here...
same issues here with promises to "call back"... just GOT a call back.. and was told the person that needs to review "your problem" isn't in until Monday and Monday we're busy.. so maybe Tuesday... in the mean time.. don't make any long distance calls as I can't say if we can help you with the (now) $.35 / per minute rate... The $400 bill will sit unpaid as I WAS sucker enough to "go ahead and pay the NEXT bill and BELIEVE it when I was told "all will be credited on the FOLLOWING bill..."

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  • Fr
      21st of Sep, 2009
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    We received a $1300. phone bill from att after being supplied with the numbers by their partner, yahoo. No one ever told us we would incur long distance charges @ $.40 per minute when we signed up for the "unlimited long distance" and dialup internet service which ran at less than a snail's pace. What a scam!

  • Ju
      13th of Jul, 2015
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    I connected my service with AT&T a month ago. I kept calling asking for my first bill and nobody told me the truth. They kept telling me that my bill will be almost $50.00 per month. When my bill came it was $2, 060.00. I have just Internet plus home phone with unlimited national calls, plus a tech service per 12 months, plus they charge us $10.00 per their modern to become us . Why we want to have a modem ? But they charge us in order to have they service in a our homes !!...Its incredible the way they are doing business today and Government are not controlling all this abuses to consumers !...I want to disconnect all my services with At & T and nobody show up to solve this problem. I want to put a big claim against AT&T.

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