AT&T / Internet/Home Phone / billed me to much

Oklahoma City, OK, United States

AT &T is the worst company to go to for phone and internet service...I wish they would record their people when they set up orders and when they talk to customers...I asked to be set up on life line because I am disabled They said it would cost 19. a month with free install...then internet would be 19. a month plus the cost of the modem ...I got a bill for over 300. for the first month...19, 19, & 50 does not equal 300...I called and they said I did not ask for life line and I could not get it...I told them that's pretty funny seeing how I'm on it now with another company...And told them why would I volunteer to pay more for service that I don't have to?...I asked them to resummit my application and they said no...I had to pay that bill first...I will pay what I owe but no more than what I was quoted...That's to bad I really like the service...

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