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I have been attempting to get service from you since August 2017. I have moved into a new home and AT&T is the only service provider in our neighborhood. Below is documentation of the nearly 20 service conversations, 6 service appointments and lack of respect, deception and all over inept of your service/technical team. I would like to resolve this issue with your highest level of service immediately. Additionally, I would like to request compensation in the amount of $2500 for the multiple missed appointments, the necessity of me to upgrade my wireless service to handle lack of internet service and the repeated days off needed to handle this complete debacle. I am available as needed to further discuss this issue and can be contacted by phone at [protected] or by email at [protected]

1. August 11, 2017- scheduled service for installation on our new home. We were moving in on August 21, 2017 and the first available appointment was for August 22, 2017. Received confirmation of installation appointment.

2. August 22, 2017- technician arrived to install on time. He indicated that there was an issue with a crushed conduit that would need to be repaired before installation could be completed. He informed us that he would put in a ticket for this repair. I received a text message the same day that stated:

"AT&T Free Msg: We are scheduled to come out & bury a cable at your location by 09/05."

3. On August 25, 2017- I received another text message:

"AT&T Free Alert: We have resolved the issue that delayed your installation. Please visit (site) now to reschedule"

The site wouldn't load for some reason so I called to reschedule the appointment. I had to go through my order all over again and was talked into ordering DirectTV. They service representative indicated that the conduit was repaired and installation was again scheduled for 8/31/17.

4. August 28, 2017- I upgraded my wireless service to unlimited data for two reasons: 1. I was told once my cable/internet service was in place, I would get a discount for the change and therefore it would keep the cost the same, 2. We had been without internet which is much-needed resource as I frequently work in the evenings and needed to use my cellphone as a hotspot in order to accommodate that.

5. August 31, 2017- I took a day off work to be home for the service technician scheduled to come between 9 and 11am. Service tech arrived and informed me that the work was actually not completed and the repair not done and therefore, he was unable to complete the installation (again). He indicated that the ticket put in for repair was not the correct ticket and he would put the correct one in an monitor it and keep in touch (note, never heard from him again and it's 2 months later).

6. September 5, 2017- as this was the day the repair was promised to be completed, I called AT&T again looking for an update. A service technician informed me that it was actually complete but had no excuse for why I did not receive a call informing me that it was done. This service technician informed me that the next service appointment available was three weeks away. I angrily requested an earlier appointment as this was the 6th time I was in contact with AT&T and needed the service. He then said he was able to set an appointment for September 7th, 2017 between 9 and 11 and that a service tech would be there (note, I did NOT receive a confirmation text/email regarding this appointment because turns out he was lying).

7. September 7, 2017- I took yet another unscheduled day off work to be home for the supposedly scheduled service appointment (2 days at this point). No one showed for the appointment. As you can imagine, my anger escalated and I this time chatted with your service department in order to get this resolved. The person on the chat line apologized for your prior service rep's behavior in not actually setting up the appointment and said she would personally take responsibility to see it through (yeah, right). She told me that she would escalate the issue to someone on some other team because none of the teams talk and that someone would be calling me back in 1 hour. Call was never received.

8. September 11, 2017- my husband contacted your service department as I was, as can be imagined, extremely frustrated. Again, your service technician informed us that the repairs had been completed and scheduled yet another service tech to come out and install internet and cable. At this time, we did switch back to an install for Uverse. Service was scheduled for September 14th, 2017 and a confirmation was received.

9. September 14, 2017- yet again (3rd time) I took a day off work to be home for a service tech to arrive and not be able to complete installation. Despite what numerous people had told us, the crushed conduit had not been repaired. And again, the service technician submitted a ticket to repair this issue and I received an update via text that it would be completed by October 5, 2017. Please note this is nearly 2 months after the issue was originally reported.

10. October 2, 2017- 2 weeks had passed and we had not received any sort of update on the issue nor had we seen any AT&T or other crews in our neighborhood working on the issue. So, I contacted your company yet again and spoke to a service rep asking for an update. On this date, your service rep told me that they were done with the repair and she wasn't sure why I wasn't notified that it was completed. I asked her to double check as I had not seen anyone out there or received any sort of update on the repair status or the status of our installation. Again, she told me she would take personal responsibility, told me the issue was resolved and once again a service appointment was scheduled for October 9, 2017.

11. October 9, 2017- again, a day off work and a technician who is unable to resolve the issue. I contacted the customer service chat who again and as now I am completely fed up with your service, I thought enough to save the chat ( I wish I had been doing so all along)

Reference Number: [protected]
DATE/TIME: [protected]:37:51
Your chat transcript:
PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE - All replies are automatically deleted.
AT&T : Hello! Thanks for choosing AT&T Chat.
Deandre : Hello, my name is Deandre. With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?
Deandre : I'm sorry the tech hasn't arrived yet. I can help you find out what's happening.
Deandre : I'll find out what is happening and will help you resolve this.
Deandre : May I get a Mobile telephone number that we may use to reach you via phone or text with information about your AT&T services?
jessica : That's completely wrong
jessica : [protected]

jessica : until it's confirmed that the issue is fixed. I have taken 6 days off work to have a tech come out and say the issue isn't fixed and they can't do anything
Deandre : I can understand you want an update on the status of the crushed conduit.
jessica : There should be notes on my account re: this ongoing issue
jessica : Everytime I speak with a rep, you say the issue is resolved when it in fact isn't
Deandre : I am checking the order and status of the crushed conduit.
Deandre : I personally apologize for the inconvenience. I do understand that you expected a prompt and timely service and this is not the kind of experience that you would have expected from AT&T.
Deandre : Jessica, I had a check and there is an error with the order and this the reason for your order being not completed. In this case, let me transfer this chat to the concern team. They will be happy to assist you.
Deandre : Please stay connected.
Belly D : I see that you were just chatting with someone else. Would you mind if I took just a moment to review your previous chat transcript so I will know how to assist you?
jessica : Sure. there should be plenty of notes on my account
Belly D : In behalf of AT&T, I am so very sorry about the troubles you've had in ordering services, Jessica.
Belly D : Just to confirm though, may I know specifically what AT&T service are you referring to please? Is it U-verse and U-verse Internet/Fiber, or DIRECTV?
Belly D : Can you specify which, please?
jessica : Internet and Uverse
jessica : This is an issue that has been ongoing since 8/22
Belly D : Oh I see now. I'm a customer like you and I understand how important your time is, Jessica. Since this is a technical Issue for the U-verse services, I really want to get your concern resolved in no time. However as much as I'd love to, it requires the assistance of our U-verse Team so they can verify if the installation can be pushed through
jessica : I need to know the status of a crushed conduit
jessica : So I don't think that is actually where I need to go?!
jessica : I have had 6 service appointments. I need this escalated to the highest level of support
Belly D : Understood, Jessica. But your request is outside of my area of expertise, but I can transfer you to a specialist that can help. Give me just a moment while I connect you.
jessica : I don't want to be on the phone or chatting with you again.
jessica : This is terrible service
Yolanda : My name is Yolanda. I'm reviewing your previous interaction with us, please give me a moment. I'll be happy to help.
Yolanda : I am really sorry if you feel that way, Jessica
jessica : Keep on reading and you will understand why. I think you are now the 23rd person I have spoken with
jessica : And no one can resolve an issue from almost 2 months ago
jessica : So it's not that I "feel" anyway
jessica : It's that it's terrible service
Yolanda : That's unfortunate.
Yolanda : I see that you have placed an order to install Internet service at your premise.
jessica : And if that's all you can see, I need to be transferred to the 24th person who can resolve the conduit issue
Yolanda : No, I see that the order is on hold due to outside facility issue.
jessica : Yes, that was supposed to be resolve by Sept 5th. Someone told me it was scheduled service 2 times. Not resolved. Then, it was supposed to be resolved by 10/5
jessica : and I have received no update
jessica : And it's 10/9
Yolanda : I completely understand your concern.
Yolanda : Our technicians are working on the outside issue.
jessica : When can I expect it to be finished
jessica : This is absolutely ridiculous
Yolanda : I understand your concern.
Yolanda : I know how this could be to you if the installation is getting delay.
Yolanda : Even I would feel the same if I were you.
Yolanda : Actually, we will not delay any installation unless there is an outside issue. We want our customers to use our Internet as soon as possible.
jessica : Again, when can I expect it to be completed?
jessica : I have not seen anyone working on it
jessica : It has remained unchanged for the past 2 months
Yolanda : It is the issue between central office and the junction box.
Yolanda : We are provisioning the outside line.
Yolanda : Also some area were affected due to hurricane. That is a main reason for a delay in our work.
Yolanda : But we are almost done with the work.
Yolanda : You can expect a call from our technical team in another 1 - 2 days.
Yolanda : I will also take a complete ownership of your issue and follow it up.
jessica : ok and what will that # be from because they never leave a message?
Yolanda : I am sorry, it could be any number from our technician. Because I am not sure about the technicians working on this issue. But if they are unable to reach you, they will leave a voice message.
Yolanda : I will add a note on your account regarding it.
Yolanda : I assure this will be taken care with high priority.
Yolanda : Please leave it to me.
jessica : ok
Yolanda : I assure you that you will not experience any inconvenience in future.
jessica : I hope so
jessica : Thanks for your help
jessica : Hopefully this finally resolves it
Yolanda : Sure, it will be resolved this time, I will make sure your issue get a fixed this time without any issues.
Yolanda : Is there anything else that I can help you with? I want to be absolutely sure that I have taken care of you today!
jessica : No nothing else
jessica : Have a good day
Yolanda : Thank you for your patience and understanding, have a great day!!

12. October 12, 2017- Again, no response from your service team or anyone else who was supposed to contact me. I once again contacted the service department who again tells me the issue is resolved and schedules yet another service appointment (this is our 6th).

Reference Number: [protected]
DATE/TIME: [protected]:55:29
Your chat transcript:
PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE - All replies are automatically deleted.
AT&T : Hello! Thanks for choosing AT&T Chat.
Jessica : da" that someone would 1. she would personally handle my issue and 2. that a follow up call would be received in 1-2 days. It's now 3 days and there has been no follow up and we still don't have service.
Jessica : I have the previous chat log that I can share if needed. I do not wish to go through the entire case again and again and again. Please connect me with your highest level of support. someone who is actually able to resolve high level issues.
Marissa : Thank you for contacting U-verse Technical Support Team, my name is Marissa. I can help you with that.
Marissa : I apologize for the inconvenience.
Marissa : I understand how inconvenience it is.
Marissa : Could you please help me with your U-verse account number?
Jessica : I don't have that information
Jessica : Are you not able to see it since I am required to log in to chat?
Marissa : Yes, you have logged into the Wireless account.
Jessica : Oh well that's all I have for a log in
Marissa : Can you please help me with the phone number that is associated with your U-verse account.
Jessica : [protected]

Marissa : Thank you, Jessica.
Marissa : Unfortunately I couldn't locate your U-verse account with the information you provided. Can you please help me with the first, last name and ZIP code?
Jessica : It's under either Jessica or Aaron Farrelly, 30004
Jessica : It could be under my husbands # [protected]

Marissa : Thank you.
Marissa : For your security and to ensure we protect your privacy, please verify the 4-digit passcode on your account.
Jessica : I don't know that. The favorite singer part is Ed Sheeran
Marissa : Perfect!
Marissa : Please allow me 2 minutes while I check some details.
Marissa : Thank you for waiting.
Marissa : I'm sorry to keep you on hold.
Marissa : I have been checking with internal team and explaining them about the situation.
Marissa : Took some time sorry.
Jessica : No problem
Marissa : Thank you.
Jessica : are you still checking?
Marissa : Yes, , Jessica. My Supervisor is discussing with the Internal team regarding this issue.
Jessica : ok
Jessica : thanks
Marissa : My pleasure.
Marissa : Please allow me couple of minutes while I we work on this.
Jessica : ok
Marissa : Thank you.
Marissa : I appreciate your time and patience.
Marissa : It's taking longer than expected, I'm still working on your issue.
Jessica : ok, thanks for letting me know
Marissa : My pleasure, Jessica.
Marissa : Jessica, I really appreciate your time and patience.
Marissa : I have checked and see that the outside line issue has been resolved and I will send out a technician tomorrow morning between 9:00 AM-11:00 AM.
Marissa : Will that be okay with you?
Jessica : if it's resolved, and they can install, that would be great
Jessica : That would be for internet and cable, right?
Marissa : Yes, Jessica.
Jessica : Ok, thanks
Marissa : My pleasure.
Marissa : I have successfully rescheduled the technician appointment.
Marissa : Technician will call you 30 minutes before prior to his arrival.
Marissa : You can use myAT&T app To download the myAT&T app, enter in your mobile browser to check/change appointments at any time.
Marissa : Jessica, I'm really sorry for all the trouble.
Jessica : ok, sounds good
Jessica : Thank you for your help
Marissa : It was my pleasure assisting you.
Jessica : Have a nice day. I hope this works!
Marissa : Thank you.
Marissa : Thank you for your valuable time and patience.
Marissa : Thank you for being so patient through out the chat

13. October 13, 2017- Again, another day off work. The technician that is scheduled to arrive doesn't, nor does he call during the scheduled timeframe. I once again chat with your service representative and am told contradicting stories that 1. He did arrive 2. That service was scheduled for the following day. I asked to be escalated to another level of service at which time someone (Lucas) calls me. Lucas informed me that the previous service rep was incorrect and that someone would be there today. He said there was an issue and someone from dispatch would contact me. Since I have been told this many times, I demanded to be transferred to someone else.

Then, I spoke with Maria in billing who informed me that Amol, our service tech, was there in the morning. She wasn't sure why he didn't contact us but that he was sorry. He needed an 8ft cable and would be back today and call when he gets there. I told him that it's unacceptable that I have to continue calling and going through this whole ordeal and that Amol did not call us and was I supposed to be waiting around for him to come back, I had other things to do that day. She told me he would 100% be calling me and I told her I would be back in touch to request compensation for the past 2 months.

Steve: Hello! Thanks for choosing AT&TChat.
Steve: Our agents are currently assisting other customers. Your approximate wait time is 6 minutes. Please wait and the next available agent will assist you.
Steve: Hi. Thank you for contacting AT&T. My name is Jane, I'll be happy to assist you today.
Me: I am supposed to have a service appt this morning. Someone was supposed to contact me beforehand and no one has done so
Steve: As you are a valuable customer of AT&T, on a high priority basis, I will do everything possible to get this taken care of at the earliest.
Steve: Could you please help me with your 9-digit U-verse Billing Account Number?
Me: I don't have that information. I believe the account is under Aaron Farrelly, 30004, [protected]

Me: This is the 25th time I have contacted service to connect
Steve: Alright, let me check that.
Steve: I can imagine the inconvenience we experience when our services do not live up to expectations. I will make every possible effort to resolve your issue at hand.
Steve: May I have a mobile telephone number so that we may reach you via phone or text with information about your AT&T services?
Me: [protected]

Steve: Your number will only be used for informational and service related messages regarding your AT&T services.
Steve: If you are a non-AT&T wireless customer, text message rates and other charges may apply depending on your plan and provider.
Steve: I'm checking the detaild for you.
Steve: allow me a minute. Please bare with, me.
Steve: Thank you for waiting, I really appreciate your patience.
Steve: I can see that there is a issue with onsite and our technician's are working on it.
Me: No one is onsite though
Me: And I was told multiple times the issue was resolved
Me: I have chat logs to prove such
Steve: It's not near you house.
Steve: The technician is assign for tomorrow between 9:00AM-11:00AM. A
Steve: Will be calling you prior arrival.
Me: So if you miss appointments and people are waiting on you to come...taking off work and rearranging their schedules- you take no responsibility in letting them know?!


Me: This is the 7th technician to either show and not be able to do anything, to not show and leave me hanging
Steve: I do understand your concern. I can relate to the same as I do work and support my family.
Me: It's ridiculous and I want to speak to someone who can solve this issue and compensate me for my time
Me: Now
Me: I want your boss, his boss and everyone else's boss to actually address the issue and give us an answer about the unprofessionalism and inability of your company
Me: I don't want to be told someone will contact me
Me: Because they won't
Me: I want someone today, now.
Steve: Do you want someone on chant or call?
Me: I want someone who is available now and can resolve the issue. However, i need to contact them does not matter
Steve: Alright!
Me: Are you locating someone?
Steve: Yes.
Steve: Did you receive a call from my supervisor?
Steve: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Steve: I have not heard from you in a few minutes. Please let me know if you are receiving my responses so we may continue.
Steve: I have not received any response from you. Please let me know if you are receiving my chats so that we can continue.
Steve: Since we have not received any response, we will now be closing this session. Please contact AT&T U-verse Chat support in the future if you need additional assistance. Thank you for contacting AT&T.
Thank you for chatting with us today. The agent has left this conversation. Please continue to browse our website and use our self-service options

14. AMOL NEVER CALLED BACK. NO ONE SHOWED UP AND I STILL DON'T HAVE SERVICE. I have contacted your company too many times to count. Have taken a minimum of 6 days off work to address each service appointment in which I was lied to or no one even had the respect to contact me. I have heard NOTHING from AT&T since this date.

I am requesting this be escalated to the HIGHEST level and service be initiated immediately. I will be requesting compensation and will take legal action if needed.

Oct 26, 2017

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