AT&T Direct TVinternet cable

Broken contract... I have been with this company for as little as 120 days and i have had nothing but broken promises. I was promised excellent service, i have had none as i have come to find out so i have been told because of where i live (Being in the heart of the city) (Not even in the middle of nowhere) i do not receive and i 'quote ' the most highest internet service i can get where i live'. Yet i fail to get what i was promised when i signed up excellant service!!! It sucks big time!!!... I am having to call in constantly for a lack of it!... Ive had techs out changing wires and looking at everything.. Saying nope nothing more to do.. Why because where i am.. Serously ???... And can i stream movies nope why you ask??... Because i cant get internet... Why i ask you?? What i told this info when i told them where i lived when i gave my address when i signed up??? Hell no!!!... Was just promised exellant service!... I have spent more time with service techs on the phone then i have with my on family ! Nothing but a broken contract !!!... I'm so seriously done with all of this!!!

Jan 23, 2017

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