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AT&T Direct TV / cable

1 Jacksonville FL, United States
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In July 2016 I walked into an AT&T store to purchase a new power cord. While I was there the manager told me AT&T had purchased Direct TV and they were transitioning out of UVerse. The manager told me that AT&T was giving an incentive to UVerse customers to switch to Direct TV and offered a deal for switching back. I agreed to switch and they started the process. Part way through the system went down and I waited for an hour. Finally the manager said I should go home and the agent would finish the rest of the work the next day. She told me that he would make sure to cancel my UVerse for the same day that my Direct TV was installed. I didn't hear from the agent again, but I got a call to set up and appointment for the installation. The month after the installation I was charged for UVerse and Direct TV and I got a text asking me if I was sure I wanted both. That started months of calling and be transferred several times to get my bill fixed every month. I think it took about 3 months to work everything out. This year my oldest graduated and my youngest doesn't watch tv so I decided to move to internet only. I called in June to make the change and the agent asked me if I would keep the cable package if I only had to pay about $30 a month for it along with the $50 or so a month for internet. I agreed that would be worth it. He said my bill would be about $83 a month. In July my bill was about $83 but in August it went back up to $122. I called in again and was told that I had received a one time credit, not an ongoing price. She said her notes didn't reflect what I was telling her. I told her in that case I would like to cancel my cable and go to internet only. She then told me I am under contract until July 2018. I asked her when that happened and she told me when I switched to Direct TV. I was not told that I would be entering into a new contract. She said she could see the contract on her screen and that is what it said. She said I would have to pay a lot of money to get out of it a year early. I told her I had been an AT&T customer for years and only switched because AT&T asked me to. It doesn't seem fair that I have to be under contract for helping AT&T transition from UVerse to Direct TV. If I had known I would be back under contract I would never have agreed and would have stayed with UVerse or changed to XFinity. It seems like every 6 months or so my bill suddenly goes up and I have to call in and find out why. The answer is almost always something that seems deceptive and was not clearly spelled out in the beginning. Calling in almost always results in an hour of wasted time and it is hit or miss if whatever change is made reflects in the next bill.

Aug 15, 2017

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