AT&Tcable and internet

K Jul 26, 2016

I am so tired of dealing with AT&T. If you don't baby sit them every step of the way they will find ways to rip you off. I love the service, hate the billing and various ways they come up with to rip off the loyal clients.
I negotiated with them to remove some channels so that my bill could be affordable for us. My husband contracted cancer in December, had his eye and the right side of his face removed, went thru 7 weeks of chemo and radiation and is now permanently disabled. I notified att of the problem and they offered me a package of 133.00 per month for cable and internet.
this is what my bills has looked like since December:
January: 146.70
February: 133.20
march: 175.53
april 237.28
may 206.63
june: 274.18

this is ridiculous. Unless we order a ton of movies, my bill just for basic cable and internet should never reach amounts of 274.00
I am so sick of this. they have scandalous business practices, never stick to what they say they are going to bill you and unless you watch them like a hawk they sneak in all these b.s. charges. someone in your office...please help

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