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ATT / overcharging and refusing to fix it

1 United States

I had home phone service. I qualified for and got on the program for low income people. My bill was supposed to be $40 a month and include everything and long distance. After a couple months they took me off the $40 plan and charged me seperately for everything. My bill was over $400. I called several times and even sent a certified letter but they refused to take care of the problem. Whenever I asked for a supervisor I was told they were always busy. I was continually told that they don't change plans for their customers without the customer requesting it. They did and then they charged me for long distance. Why would anyone, especially someone who qualifies for lifeline, asked to be charged individually for everything rather than the $40 it should be. Most of the extras I didn't even use so why would I have paid $250 a month for services I didn't use.

I had to change my phone number and company and pay for an unlisted number. It has now been 3 years and they still refuse to admit they screwed up. I now have bad credit over the bill they sent to collections. They technically owe me almost $400 and they have ruined my credit and it was their fault.

Customer service sucks. I talked to at least 10 different people and they all told me something different. They don't even know what they are doing..that is IF I even got a person who could speak English. On one call I got some foreign person and after 45 min of me trying to explain my problem she still didn't understand.

This company is not a company you want for home service and their cell service is even worse.

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