AT&Trebate is a scam!

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So it's about 6 months since I started service with AT&T for DSL (internet) and it's has been nothing but a nightmare.

Today I remembered that when I had signed up for service I was promised 2 $50 visa gift cards. I remember now that I had promptly signed up to redeem the gift cards a few days after the service and then completely forgot about it ever since.

Today I got online and read ALL the stories about how ATT gift cards are a scam and that they DO NOT show up when you go to check on their website. Sure enough, I went online, typed in my phone number and received the lovely little message that there is NO record of me redeeming the cards.

This really pisses me off to say the least. Not only do they have horrible customer service but they make you work for what is rightfully yours.

I am absolutely fed up with ATT service. I was looking forward to signing up with ATT in a month for my families cell phone service (t mobile contract expiring) because we all loved the iphone but I honestly don't have the patience nor the time to fight with ATT every time they do something wrong (which is a little too often).

As I type this little review of mine, I am on hold with ATT to get my gift cards and cancel the stupid internet service. Goodness gracious...this is ridiculous.

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  • Lw
      Feb 22, 2010

    I just got off the phone with AT&T regarding my internet. When I signed up for internet, it was $24.95. I don't do an audit of my bill every month as long as it is relatively the same amount which must change now. I noticed over the years that the bill was not exactly the same each month although the service I initially agreed to included no special charges except those for 411. I have learned that AT&T has made changes to my account without giving me notice. These changes always benefit AT&T in additional costs. I learned that for over two years now, AT&T has been charging me $30.00 instead of $24.95. The representative said this was ok and that everybody did this same thing to the consumer and it was the consumers fault for not reviewing their bill and chosing to go to another company. The new U-Verse package is higher than any costs consumers are presently paying. Yet they try and suck us in with 100 dollars and 200 dollars and even 300 dollar reabate packages. It's a scam and nothing more.

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