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I complained to AT&T customer service and reward center rep about a customer service rep lieing to me to get my service, I was informed they could do nothing and the amount of reward listed on was what I was to get since nothing was listed in the first call I made to get pricing on DSL service. The first customer service rep I spoke to lied to me. I was informed if paid deposit befor day of calling about prices of DSL service I would get a large reward. When I got my reward it was 1/3 of orginal amount I was told. I spoke with reward center 3 times and 2 times was on a 3 way call with customer service. I kept being told that nothing could be done. I then Emailed AT&T customer service about everything, then I received a Email saying they was going to credit my bill for the amount of reward that the customer care rep, ((her name is Tonya Woodworth(watch out for her)) informed me I would get. AT&T will correct problems when they can and with right info on problem. Thank you AT&T..


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  • Jo
      Dec 27, 2008

    After the 2 years of contract at T Mo bile we decided to look for new carrier since we have existing AT&T service at home we decided to try AT&T for our mobile, N connect is their dealer which usually situated in malls, to make the story short we had our phones for $179 each we took the family plan. The manager at the store advice us not to send teh rebates just in case we change our mind. After 2 weeks one of our relatives called at the landline and ask if our mobile are still working, followed by some co-workers and friends, we ner notic etaht because we hardly recieve calls it so timely that its holiday andapproaching chrsitmass makes phones busy for greetings we all knew taht mobile is one of our lifeline, then after we tried to give it at least a few more days to know what i the real problem if its the phone or the network, a few days of observation we found out that ATT has some none working spots at home compared to our previous carried TMobile . on the 25 day we recieved a billing and there were so many charges which is surprising because the ATT manager advice us that as soon as we received the billing we need to come by and see him to adjust the bill, . Since the network is not good for us we decided to return the mobile unit and complain the bill, we end up having a 532 bucks because there were so many hidden charges, i dont know why they are doing this, .That is why there is 30 day trial because when you are not satistfied you can return without any charges on your part and if ever there is any it would not be that much, we expect taht we will be charge by the bill and connection fee, which 153 bucks but it end up $532.00, when we try to call CS OF ATT they said taht they own the number and we should have been informed them taht we re going to transfer the no. why should we have to informed them if we return the phone before 30 days, .i dont see the logic, because informing them that we nee dto transfer the no to other network may jeopardize our existing no, and that no is not from ATT we got that from our previosu carrier TMOBILE, .I hope somebody could help on my appeal, i am sure there were lots of consumer that been victimized by ATT mobile, let us unite and fight fo rthis ATT SCAMS .

    Joann and Robert

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  • Co
      Jun 22, 2009
    AT&T - Charges
    Kansas City
    United States

    I have had my phone system at my office for 26 years. When connected and for 23 years my service was with Southwestern Bell - which was a great relationship. When there was a problem with something they were quick to respond and work with me. In about 2005/06 AT&T took over all operations and things have gone steadily downhill. At first it was just annoying calls if the payment was a day or 2 late. It was annoying but I determined to pay closer attention because it was obvious AT&T was going to be much tougher. Things were going relatively ok. My fees continued to rise and I had charges added but they responded to complaints. I finally got fed up with things and cancelled 2 of our phone lines - that were rarely used. I was told this was save me about $100 in charges, taxes, and all the little annoying charges for nothing attached to all phone lines. This was 12/3/08. On 12/19/2009 they somehow changed my relationship and entered into a contract with me (that I didn't sign or authorize) Not only did I now have a contract I didn't sign or authorize but was paying more than I had paid with the other lines. I assumed they were trying to get back at customers cutting back on service. My bills were now almost $100 more than they had been before with the 2 extra lines. I went through everyone at AT&T and finally ended up with their business retention center. (after I threatened to most to Birch) After days and escalated blood pressure they agreed to remove the contract I had not authorized and they assured me that my charges would go down to the earlier agreed amount. On my next bill I was charged several hundred dollars to do an early termination of my contract. They actually charged me $200.00 bucks to cancel the contract I had never asked for or authorized. I am still working with them but feel really cheated and angry and will probably dump their service. In the meantime, I would get an I-phone but won't deal with them and am now looking at Blackberry & other new choices. They could give me the phone for free but I won't ever enter a contract with AT&T again.

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  • Mo
      Nov 12, 2009

    i complained too and it didn't help. the issue i was faced with was a networking problem with my voicemail. they refused to belive that something on their end happened to my pass code. i complained alright but they just continued to blame me for an ongoing problem. i spent 2 hrs staight talking and complaing to 5 different people and got nowhere. the evidence was on their side and there was little proof on my behalf, we were going by their website which my phone wasn't corresponding with. you just got lucky.

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