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AT&T / scam artists

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I was told that they can only give internet and phone packages, that i could not just get the internet. If i was to cancel it would only be $99. I agreed and ever since have been sorry, my monthly bill was suppose to be $75 and i have not seen a bill even close to this ever. When i finally found out that i could get just the internet, called dry loop. They charged me $400 to cancel and i have been on the phone with their horrible customer service at least once a month. They will tell you anything you want to hear, do nothing about it and you will wait again on the phone for ever, every month. I now have just the dry loop, and my bill was suppose to be $50, not even close again. First bill i get is $110, and they are still billing me for the services that i canceled. ANYONE reading this, I would highly recommend to just use your local library computers. This has been a night mare and going to cost me well over $1000. And still be better than just keeping the service.


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  • Va
      13th of Sep, 2007
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    AT&T Communications Inc. / SBC Communications Inc. - Poor customer service!
    United States

    Call center, on hold for over 30 minutes without an answer to redeem a phone card sent "in appreciation" of my business. Some sign of appreciation. Also, they say the call center is open till 9:00 but call at 8:45 and they say they are closed. "Excellent customer service"? I don't think so!

  • Va
      10th of Jun, 2008
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    This month I am finally saying good bye to AT&T and their little friend Direct TV. We are a military family and get moved around quite a bit. When we first moved to the Tampa area, we were told that Bell South was the only telephone provider in the area, and we were trying to get our utilities set up at our new residence. As all of you probably know by now, Bell South is none other than AT&T, and like many of the banners and ads on the net, we were suckered into the plan that they advertise for $99.99 for your phone, high-speed internet and Direct TV...

    Let me say this... last month I paid out $114.14 for just my phone and my internet ( and I only made three outgoing calls on my house telephone), AND another $84.49 for Direct TV... that is $198.63, almost TWICE the rates that AT&T are advertising! I didn't have anything fancy... No premium stations (Just the basic type programming with more informed channels than anything else), no HD, nothing like that at all, except the extra $4.99 for an additional receiver. My internet which was supposed to be $19.95 a month was costing me $49.95 a month. All of this and wait till you hear the loveliness of the rest of the story. AT&T charged me an installation fee to have the service turned on ( which everyone does for the most part) and gave me my phone number. OK I asked if I can have it arranged for the bill to be due on or shortly after the first of the month or on or after the 15th of the month because that way we can focus it around my husbands pay periods. They say no problem... We get a bill due on the 27th of the month. I call and ask them if they can change the bill date... they tell me that they can...IF I want to change my phone number AND pay them $65! I tell them that they will get their money on the first of the month... their representative then proceeds to tell me that since it is my husband's name only on the phone bill that she cannot talk to me, and hangs up. We then decide to buy a house here... we need to have the phone turned off at the old house and on at the new house...we are keeping the same #. Well they charge us another 'establish service fee' and are now paying two at the same time for a period of a few months!

    Ever since then I have been dealing with these outrageous always changing phone rates and other charges (last month I paid Direct TV online and their computer system was apparently down... I went through the steps of making the payment online got an e-mail and a confirmation number of my payment) and got called several times by Direct TV asking me where my payment was... I gave them the information that they sent to my e-mail... and they said that they didn't get paid. I checked my bank, and apparently they never debited my account, so I told the rep to re-submit the payment when I was on the phone (for which they charged me $5 that they didn't tell me about I found that on the next month's bill, with a late payment fee of $2.99 due to their screw up.)

    I also have the lovely representatives who place a 'courtesy' call to me every month, on the 28th letting me know that my phone bill needs to be paid. They always ask for my husband who is almost never here, but in some other country on the other side of the world someplace... and they say things to me like 'Did you know that your bill was due yesterday?' I am always like I sure did know that my bill was due yesterday, and I have asked you to change the billing date a hundred times. You won't change it for me unless I pay you $65. You will get paid on the first ( and they always get paid in full). Since when did the phone company become loan sharks?

    I did a little research and found out that our small local cable company offers HD TV with many more channels than Direct TV, telephone service with unlimited long distance and internet service for $125.64 a month ( including all taxes)... a $70 savings for us... with no strings attached. Guess what... we switched... Direct TV were such ### to tell us that we are obligated to keep their rip-off service for 18 months and they can charge us an early termination fee and that they have our bank account numbers and can take our money... blah, blah, blah. In another place we were with SBC who provided excellent service with satellite service and we were under no such obligation... they (Direct TV) told me about the expense of their equipment and how expensive it is, which is what warrants them making you contract for 18 months [which their rep who comes to hook you up never tells you about]. My husband does VOIP and satellite communications currently with the military... he was telling me expensive? Yeah right, it is why they tell you to pull the transmitter off the dish when you discontinue service and the boxes don't work without active cards. They just want you to think that to condone WHY they are going to TRY to charge you for 18 months of service.

    In my opinion I think all of us who have been taken advantage of by this company needs to open their mouths and just say NO to this money grubbing company who doesn't care one bit about its customers and only about their profit margins! These people make Verizon look like saints!

  • Fo
      11th of Oct, 2009
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    I recently got back from college, and during my time there, my credit was nearly ruined, and I was charged 300 dollars, that I didn't have, because AT&T refused to run off my phone service.

    I contacted the company to get a phone line at the dorms I was staying at, so I could stay in contact with my parents. After the semester was almost over, and with a month left in the semester, my phone mysteriously stops working. After MANY attempts to call the company and figure out what was going on, I finally got fed up and disconnected my phone, and go home.

    Fast forward 6 months later, we receive a bill in the mail (at my parents house) for 300 dollars from at&t. Aggravated, we call the phone company, only to find out they reconnected the phone WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION. When we ask them to disconnect it again, and wave these fees, considering I didn't even live there anymore, they start trying to bribe us to stay by saying they could get us a 200 dollar federal voucher if we stayed. Immediately, the red flag for scam went up, and we declined.

    AT&T in Carthage, TX is ripping off the government to try to keep customers from disconnecting! AND reconnecting service after people have been disconnected without the person's permission!

  • Pa
      11th of Oct, 2009
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    I have received a Collection Notice, from GC Services and from AT&T Advertising & Publishing.

    They started a yellow page ad with us and after one month into the ad they accidentally cancelled our forwarding phone number which was the yellow page phone number. We had to do a forwarding number because we relocated. So the yellow page ad no longer worked because AGAIN they accidentally cancelled the number. By the time we found out about it they said the number could not be reused. So, the ad was useless.

    They said the mistake was their fault, NOT ours. So the bill would be reversed. and we would not be responsible for it. this was when the bill was about $2300.00. I ask them not to send anymore notices and to contact the collection agency, they said they would.

    I now am receiving bills from just At&t Advertising, now the bill went from about $3000.00 to $ 4000.00.
    The bill now has jumped from $4, 069.83 to $8, 226.77. How is this possible that the bill has DOUBLED in ONE MONTH when I haven’t had advertising since January of ’07? Amazing!

    I looked on the $8K bill and it says I have advertising with them on a phone number that does not exist. I would love your help. We are a very small self employed person and can not afford to pay a bill that dose no good for us.

  • Hd
      20th of Oct, 2009
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    What can I do to get out of the 2 year contract they scammed me into when I ordered the AT&T "bundle" I did not want the DVR because AT&T told me I would be into a 2 year contract and charged 480.00 early termination fee- I told them I did not want a 2 year contract but they failed to tell me I would have a contract anyway by "leasing" the tv boxes. I have spent hours on the phone to try and disconnect only to be told they have my debit card number and will charge my account. I told them there was not 480.00 in the account and they said they woudl keep hitting the account untill all the money was taken. (this was Mark a so called manager at Direct Tv) I filed a complaint with their dispute department and the called me to tell me that just because AT&T did not tell me I was in a contract it was not thier issue and they would not drop the disconnect fee.
    My email is

  • Ni
      14th of Dec, 2009
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    When I first opened my phone account with AT&T, they required a $500 deposit because I don't have a credit card. They assured me that I would get the deposit back after one year. Exactly one year later I called asking for my money back and they said they would "process that request."

    A week later I called back to see what was going on. "Your check has been mailed" they told me. After more than 10 business days without my check, however, I called back. "Where's my $500?" I asked. I had rent due, I had groceries to buy, and AT&T still hadn't given me my money. After more than an hour on the phone, juggled from person to person, finally someone thought to look up where the check had actually been sent. They mailed it to my OLD ADDRESS. No one asked me where I lived when they sent the check there, no one verified anything.

    Afraid that my old residence would no longer be forwarding my mail, I asked them to cancel the check and to electronically deposit the money into my back account. "I'll have to ask about that" was the reply. Many minutes later, "I'm sorry. We're just going to have to send you another check."

    Weeks later. No check.
    I call AT&T asking, "Where's my $500?"
    "Oh, that request is still being processed, " a woman told me. "It will be sent no later than Feb 27."
    "Feb 27?" I said. "I was supposed to get that money Jan 16!"
    Her reply was, "But look at it this way, your check will come just in time for Easter dresses!"

    Easter dresses. I swear that's what she said.

    Feb 27 came and went and still no sign of my money. Today I checked my online AT&T account and to my horror, I noticed that I had $450 of credit towards my phone bill. That's where my money ended up. They never sent ANYTHING. Instead, my money is sitting online, automatically being consumed by my phone bill.

    It has been almost 2 months since I was supposed to receive my $500. I have tuition and rent to worry about and AT&T has handled my situation ridiculously unprofessionally. I will be switching service providers AS SOON AS my contract is up.

  • Cc
      14th of Mar, 2010
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    Here are the phone #'s, Address, Email, of AT&T’s CEO. Maybe he can get something done because AT&T Customer Service surely will not.

    AT&T Inc.
    175 E. Houston
    San Antonio, TX 78205

    ATTN: Randall Stephenson, CEO, President & Chairman

    Tel. 210-821-4105
    Fax 210-351-3553 (direct)

    Here is the web address if you wish to join in the class action law suite against AT&T.

    That's right AT&T is being sued for advertising and charging us for one speed on their DSL service and intentionally providing a slower speed.. UH...HUH... that is AGAINST the LAW...

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