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AT&T / awful service

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I canceled my AT&T Internet service after 3 days because the service and connection were really poor. I called to cancel and the guy told me that there was not going to be any charge because i canceled before the billing of the month and that i would just have to return any equipment given to me to avoid any charges. I returned it and after a month they sent me a bill for $99.95 which said it was for the service, equipment and shipping.

I only used the service for 3 days and they charged me for the whole month. I called again and the lady told me that they should only be charging me for the shipping and nothing else because they received the equipment and that i should get an adjustment on my bill. I asked her if i should wait for the next bill and she said yes. I waited and what i received was not a bill it was a letter saying that if i didn't pay the 100 dollars that i will be sent to collection i waited 3 or 4 days and a person from the collection agency gave me a call saying that i must pay.

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  • Va
      23rd of Sep, 2008
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    I had it set up with my bank to pay my bills electronically when i noticed my new cell provider sadi missed payment I went back in and saw my bank was still set to pay AT&T and not new phone service. So after talking 2 different peole in 2 different departments giving all my information that i had paid them by mistake and told them the amount that wrongfully got sent to them that I would like my money back.

    I then was informed that I would have to go to my bank and get PROOF I sent them the money and fax over to them a request to get my money back that would take 3 to 4 weeks to process and get my money back. I asked if they could just send it back to my bank and they told me they need proof it was my money and came from my bank which I had paid them that way for at least a year or more.

    What a joke and thats why I told them I left was because of service like that and I would tell any that would listen not to use there cell phone service EVER!!!

  • Va
      17th of Oct, 2008
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    Since repeated phone contacts with AT&T do not appear to resolve any issues, I filed this complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Communications Commission:

    Issue #1:

    I purchased a phone with a 2 year contract from on February 26, 2008. The SIM card did not work, so I called AT&T and they promptly issued a replacement that worked, and I also had my old phone number ported over at that time. I set up my account to receive electronic invoices, and paid my bill online as well. So far so good.

    Since I was paying everything online and all payments were current, I didn't open up anything from AT&T. Nothing personal, I simply recycle all junk mail without reading it. I didn't need nor want any advertisements from AT&T. The receipt of junk mail from AT&T is not my complaint. This only is to illustrate why I hadn't noticed this situation sooner. One day I was bored and actually opened up one of the envelopes from AT&T, so see a bill for about $450 for a number that I had never had and a threat to send me to collections. I promptly called AT&T. Upon hearing of my situation, I was transfered to their Fraud department. They determined that it wasn't actually Fraud, but simply a mistake on their part for having this extra account open in my name, and since there was no activity on the account proving that I never had it, the customer service representative said they'd take care of it and I wouldn't owe anything.

    If this is actually what happened, I would have nothing to report.

    So I shredded the bill as I do with all my paper work. Why keep it around if everything is taken care of?

    A few weeks later I started receiving calls from collections. I ignored them at first, thinking that once AT&T contacted them that I owed them nothing they'd stop calling. Well, that didn't happen. So I called AT&T back thinking they simply neglected to stop collections on the account that they were in error on. Nope. I initially had an extremely rude AT&T "customer service representative" who belittled me for getting a cell phone that I couldn't afford and not paying my bills. Huh? I could afford my bills just fine, but simply saw no reason to pay for an additional phone number that I never authorized AT&T to put in my name in the first place. So I hung up, and perhaps that was rude on my part, but I wanted someone reasonable to talk to. I got another representative that again said this was all my fault and I owed the bill. I'm not sure if I went through another one or two representatives, but I finally reached someone who looked at the notes from the initial call, understood what was happening, and took care of canceling the account that never should have existed to begin with. I wish I knew her name, because she actually took care of it. Case closed. I never received another bill for that number and after a few weeks collections stopped calling. And I wouldn't bring up this issue except it wasn't an isolated incident.

    Issue #2:

    At the time, I did legitimately have two cell phone accounts (Issue #1 above dealt with a third erroneous account in my name). As of June 2008, I had no more use for the second phone, and since I was no longer under contract with that phone I called AT&T and told them that I wanted to pay my account for that phone in full as of that day and cancel the account. They did succeed in canceling the account.

    I then received a paper statement (I now knew to open up everything from AT&T even tho I set up for electronic statements) for that phone for the following month. I called AT&T and told them that I had previously called to cancel the account and paid the account in full and wished for these charges to be reversed. I was told that would happen.

    It didn't.

    I received a bill the following month for two months of service. I called AT&T again and again asked for the charges to be reversed. I was again told they would be.

    They half were. One month had been removed, the other month remained. Again I called AT&T, and again I was told it was taken care of.

    I received a call today from a "resolution center" that said that if I didn't pay the $79 right here and now for the balance on my AT&T account that it would go to collections and be reported on my credit. So not only had I been repeatedly informed by AT&T that everything was taken care of when it wasn't, I got bullied into paying for a month of service I never received.

  • Su
      28th of Dec, 2008
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    your problem w/at&t sounds alot like mine: billing for no service, RUDE and uninformed customer service, none of them have a supervisor, or manager above them (I guess i was talking to the ceo each time i called to complain...ha!), refusal to work w/customer's erroneous charges, and unable to admit they were the source of the problem. when i worked for at&t i would have gotten fired for that kind of behaviour. apparantly at&t doesn't care anymore. as a result, i don't care about that. i spread the word to all my friends and family and they have stayed away from at&t. they have all complied. maybe this is the only way to get their attention. i am also filing a complaint w/better business bureau. not that it will do any good, but at least it's my way of sticking it to them. BEWARE OF AT&T!

  • Mr
      26th of Sep, 2009
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    I'm telling you they won't let me cancel my service until I pay $846.00 dollars because my bill is $1, 605.00 and they won't let me turn it off myself, they said it was going to be shut off Oct.2 and would not let me do it before that, because they want to charge me more money.

    They are charging me to much for my combined billing, home phone, internet, tv, and wireless all these on 1 bill and they charge me 79 dollars for some stupid tax every month.

  • Ci
      11th of Oct, 2009
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    Contact with AT&T a few years back resulted in our assuming an "all-in-one" telephone account that covered three (3) telephones (one business, one personal and one a dedicated fax line). We paid the statements with two (2) checks, one business account and one personal. On one occasion AT&T lost the personal check and we had to replace it with a new (the original cost us for a stop-payment).

    Then we were contacted by the 'new' AT&T and advised they could save us money by changing the account. Done. The final bill from the 'old' AT&T arrived. We paid it with the usual two checks. We got a closing bill for $27.66. We called and advised the processing office that the bill had been paid in full. They said we had to prove that, so we went to the bank and got the cancelled checks, filled out the AT&T forms and were advised they would launch an investigation. It has been 5+ months and we are still receiving collection letters and threats of disconnect and now one from a collection agency (independent).

    We were provided with claim numbers and told that a resolution letter would arrive soon -- when? We have a superior credit rating as we have always paid both our personal and business invoices in a timely manner. What this company is doing is jeopardizing our credit and trying our patience.

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