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AT&T / their customer service is terrible and supervisor william brown is such a liar

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I ordered my AT&T internet service via White Fence which is associated with AT&T. I even received a phone call to confirm my order few days before the installation day.
On the installation day, I found out my order was canceled by AT&T for some reason.
I called AT&T to find out the problem. they told me my order NEVER come through via White Fence.

So, I have to re-order/schedule for the service. later that day, i had Qs about my new account and customer REP told me that they dont have my new order!!

First REP transferred my call to a different dept to get more details on my issue but nobody could find out the issue. I needed to call them back the following day since their business hour was over due to a LONG holding time on the phone. it took nearly few hours to deal with this issue this day.

The next day, i requested to talk to a supervisor to start with and she put me on hold for nearly a hour but said she couldn't still reach him/her. THEN seems like she didn't know what she was doing and kept saying "i'm just following an instruction" everytime I asked her something. she even asked my name and address twice in 5min!! In the middle of our conversation, she said "oh sorry someone was talking to me at the same time" and the person turned out to be her supervisor, William Brown ID# WB4941!! YET he refused to take my call..

Yes, she was lying in the first place she couldnt get hold on the supervisor. THEN she was like a robot and told me what exactly her supervisor told her to say to get rid of me!! now i feel like the 1hr of waiting on supervisor was just something what they do to a customer to get rid of her/him!!

Well, when I pointed out that she was on the other line with her supervisor and he finally took my phone!

He told me that their system was down that's why no one couldnt get into my account. but he told me to do his best taking care of my issue. EVEN told me to install my service that day! he promised to call me back when the system was up.

Few hours later, his assistant called me and told me that they finally could verified my account and already installed the internet service at the same time! When i got back home, I found out the internet was NOT yet installed but STILL needed to wait another week!!
then I came back to the first place to explain everything from scratch to a new REP. I requested to talk to Supervisor BROWN and she told me that it's impossible to talk to the same person since AT&T customer center is located everywhere in nation (maybe worldwide) THOUGH i had his name and ID #...
again, i felt being cheated.. he gave me his name and ID# because it won't do anything since I can't track him down by his name or ID#!!

Well, what I found about AT&T customer service through my issue;
1. you need to wait at least 15min to reach an actual REP
2. the REP transfers to other dept to deal with issues
3. Again it takes another 15-20.. sometimes 30min to reach to other party.
4. you have to explain your issue once again and get the exact answer you already have
5. if you request a supervisor, they put on hold like 1hr but yet supervisor wont' take a call. OR REP will transfer to a different dept to get away from you
6. if you're lucky to talk to the supervisor, he would tell you all kind of ways to apology your issue. but it turned out he is JUST saying and doesn't mean to.. even he promise to take care of your issue, it wont' happen!
7. when you want to file your complain via AT&T website, there is NO way to find their email add or any contact # where you can a file complain.
8. if you call them back again, you will start the same process as above again!

I NEVER had any problem with AT&T until this time and NEVER had any issues with a customer case like this!!

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  • Ab
      24th of Aug, 2009
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    To whom it may concern

    January 02, 09 I made the worst decision in my life. I transferred my wireless service from T-Mobil to ATT. After four years of satisfaction with customer service and wireless services. Why was that? Because of the I-phone. Since that time I have to call the ATT’s Customer service each month to make inquire about the service or about the bill.
    Last and worst problem with ATT, when I called the customer service to freeze my account for three month. The representative told me there is no such plan. The best option for you to reduce your plane. And I will lose 50% of your rollover mints. Anyway I told him to go for it.
    I told my situation to one of my friend and he told me that ATT have the freeze plan. I contact the customer service in Jun 22 or 23, 2009. And I asked him to freeze my account. And I told him about my last call ; the representative was not trained enough to give me the best option for freezing my account. He told me that he have to go to the record for my last conversation and if I am right he will credit me with the difference. Anyway he came back to me with the good news. He told me that he credit the difference to my account. I asked him if what I pay will be enough for the rest of the time to cover my bill and he said yes. The amount I paid was $ 360.69.
    One month later, I found ATT’s disconnect my service. Because I didn’t pay!!!
    I called the customer service and I told them I pay. And I have that in my bank statement but I lost the confirmation number. He open a case for missing payment, and they said I have to send a copy of my bank statement, and they provide me with a number and I did.
    But no action was made. I called Bank of America, American Express service and I asked them to contact ATT for that payment. They called and open new case for missing payment. And I faxed to them .
    third time was when I arrived to Tampa. First place I visited was ATT store and I explained my situation to the Store Manager. He promised me to take care of the problem. In the second day he called me and advice me to call again the customer service. This is the only way to get back my service.
    Every time I call, they open new case and give me another number to fax my bank statement to. So my question is tell when I will do that? What a system they are looking for? The easiest way is to go back to my conversation and find out the confirmation number to solve my problem!!!
    Is there anything that I can proof to ATT with the payment better then my bank statement. And stele looking and investigating!!!
    All the calls I made it when I was overseas was an international phone calls and the call at least cost me $ 60. Then when I came back to USA I get new phone service with Metro PCS. It cost me $ 79. At the end who can be responsible for that. If it is my mistake then I will be responsible but if not who are going to pay me back????
    This is something are not acceptable from the company of the year.
    If there is nothing the customer service can do for m?? I would like to get my number back.
    Please who ever have the Authority to solve my case. Please call me at 813-446-0976 or email me at:

  • Jk
      11th of Jun, 2010
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    Re: upset girls

    Everything you experienced is what AT&T has implemented and what they have perceived to be an ongoing quest for perfection to break a customers will in hopes of finally giving up. They live by it, focus on it, teach it and they implement it in every way they can without facing legal issues, at times crossing the line concerning legal issues but they know no one is going to proceed with legal action over a phone bill as It's just not cost effective for the customer and they know it. If the bill ever gets to the point of it being worth a customer taking legal action which rarely if ever happens, they back off. It's a numbers game if they can break down the resolve in 99.99% of customers they will deal with the other 00.01% if an when needed and it's worked pretty well for them over the years.

    You shouldn't blame the reps. They are underpaid, poorly trained drones just trying to keep a job. They are recorded, (not for quality control as they are told) but to critique and make sure they implement the corporate policy structure and not vary from a script they are forced to follow. There are memos, amendments to the script sent out to change this structure often, sometimes hourly and very few ever get them, the ones that do don't have time to read them much less remember them as they are trying to work and meet the quota AT&T implements while not exceeding the time limit per customer AT&T also enforces. That's one reason for the excessive number of transfers. No one can really dig in depth nor have the tools to find out the issue because it will take them over the individual call limit allowed to deal with each customer and they will be penalized for it so they follow the script which is full of apologies and I'm sorry for your troubles. The on hold times are greatly increased because of the time limit per customer which causes excessive transfers.

    If you're lucky enough to get a name and employee number of a supervisor or rep handling an issue you'll likely never speak with them again due to AT&Ts call routing implementation and various call centers located all over the place. If you call the same number 10 times you'll most likely get 10 different call centers with 10 different supervisors, 10 different policies, different updated memos constantly coming in, located in 10 different locations and they don't have access to to pull up information related to each other except standard account information which may or may not be up to date as they aren't in sync, updating at different times, sometimes as long as 3 weeks apart, so you have to start all over each time.

    AT&T also contracts other companies to handle customer service issues such as Convergeys which I personally use to work for and handle AT&T calls among other companies that only adds to the issue. You could reach any of these true AT&T or non true AT&T locations at any time by calling the same number and they don't or won't (by policy) transfer between them and they don't have access to know where or who the previous person you spoke is or located even if you have the information. Even if it's in the same department (if your lucky enough for that to happen) unless they know them personally and even then policy keeps them from transferring and they know they are recorded so they are bound by it or loose their jobs. As far as complaints, you won't find a way to do it through AT&T. You can look up corporate addresses and numbers but those will likely get tossed in file 13. Your best bet to file complaints for them would be to contact the FCC, BBB and any other state agency you have available and be sure to keep all your records, dates, times, people spoke with, what was done or not done, amount of time spent, anything and everything you have. These places carry more weight than a individual customer and is more likely to have an effect but the chances are still low.

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