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Posted: Jun 13, 2017 by    

bundling of services/directv and uverse

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USA, United States
Began early May.
Received call from DirecTV rep saying they had a "deal" for me as a current UVerse customer - switch from UVerse, bundle with ATT Internet and Home phone, and we'll give you more channels, lower price, better service. (Interesting it sounded as if DirecTV and UVerse were competing even thought both owned by ATT).

Asked many question and asked for email showing channels, cost, etc. Told them I was moving to another residence, 20 miles away in Atlanta, next month, and would like to get service there. Was told no problem. SPECIFICALLY asked if there would be a problem due to the large trees around area. Receive a long spill about how ATT/Direct had invested in their systems and that would be no problem. Decided to go since it was OVER 100 dollar cheaper then the UVerse service I had been paying for for the last 8 YEARS!

Set an installation date of early June.

Several days later, received call stating it was ATT and they were wanting to confirm I wanted my cell service changed to ATT from TMobile. I had NEVER EVER MENTIONED cell service. Said no, leave it alone. They tried to talk me into switching. Deceptive practices!

Later received a letter from Direct stating I had no credit record so I could not get the "deal" I was offered -- even thought I had been a customer with ATT for 10 years with EXCELLENT credit (deceptive practices). I called and complained (took MANY MANY MANY tried to get a person that speaks English well enough to understand the situation. Asked for supervisors many times to be told, "sir, I can help you" -- "sir, the supervisor can do nothing more than I can do" -- "sir I promise I will help you" (even thought I am in India/Philippine's/Columbia, etc. etc. etc. No one at ATT seems to be employed in the U.S.

Finally someone did something I guess... I received a call that a service tech was going to be coming on Monday. I wasn't available, so I Changed the service date to Thursday. HOWEVER, I continued to get calls over and over saying the service call was Monday. Wen I wasn't available on Monday, received calls over and over to reschedule Mondays installation. And then starting receiving calls about Thursdays installation... like it was two different orders or something. VERY CONFUSING...

On Wednesday, service tech called. Talked extensively to him. I once again asked about trees (which I had asked previously over and over)... he said, no problem as long as no blockage in 45 degree angle. First time I had been told, and there was NO WAY to get a line of site 45 degree angle. Told him that. He said no use coming out, that it wouldn't work, and I would need to call ATT back. SO I am back to square one.

MULTIPLE ATTEMPTS TO GET SOMEONE WITH ATT. Over and over and over... finally I said I could no longer take the poor poor customer service and deceptive practices, so I decided to call Comcast. Actually spoke to a person IN THE UNITED STATES at Comcast. What a novel idea ATT should consider! ALSO.. Comcast had a customer sat survery for me to complete at the end of the call... ANOTHER CRAZY IDEA... (however, I have a feeling ATT doesn't want to know what their customers think... ATT thinks they are too big and powerful and could care less about the individual... Hey AT&T., .. look at Sears!)

Made an appointment with Comcast (cost more than ATT, but at this point, will pay additional for ANY TYPE of customer service!)... Called ATT back to cancel everything... been a UVerser customer 7-8 years, and ATT doesn't care...) Guy wanted to know problem, would fix it for me, could help me... heard it all 50+ times --- actually counted and talked to OVER 35 diofferent people at ATT and still sitting here without service... see below)...

So told them I wanted to cancel everything... and to put a term date of Tuesday, June 13. This call was placed on Thursday prior.

In meantime, met with Comcast installer on Thursday. They said they would need to run a line, and would take longer to install at new residence than anticipated (hmmm... kind of sounds like another giant telecom company... I wonder who?) So I said fine, would call ATT and ask to move disconnect date back a week at old location. Plans were to call Monday and request an extension.

HOWEVER, someone at ATT must have got pissed, or just didn't care at all or whatever... and decided to disconnect us over the weekend. So we lost phone, internet and cable. I called Sunday morning to complain, and was told "Sorry sir, that was ATT's fault... but we can't do anything about it until Monday because the installation department is closed until then."

Gees, can cut it off, but no on... how convenient... I bet I couldn't say that to ATT about my bill if I didn't want to pay!!!

Complained big time. Was told I would get a call first thing Monday morning to get service back on. I said call as early as possible. Another untruthful ATT employee promised I would receive a call first thing.

Monday, 8a... no call...
9a... no call...
10a... no call...
11a... no call... what a surprise.

So I get back on the merry go round, and place another call to the infamous (we don't provide any customer) service line... get person in India that barely understand English. Ask to speak with someone that has English as a first language... was transferred to person that speaks Spanish and little English! The marvels of ATT!

Finally had to hang up and start again... back on the Merry Go Round...

Call again, and again... FINALLY... UNBELIEVABLE... I get a person in or all places... MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES... A Ms. Little... she was very nice, calmed me down, actually said they would match the original price provided by DirectTV with Uverse, etc. etc. she was very helpful... but little did I know, she was also untruthful, as all ATT employees are trained to be!!! She admitted the disconnect was ATT's fault, and promised me she would call and get my order esclated and get service back on asap. (AND I BELIEVED HER... HOW STUPID AM I?)... She also said she would call me back in 2-3 hours and give me status... gave me the "new" account number... since I had to establish NEW service, even though ATT cut the service, and quickly read the NEW account number to me... I didn't get it, but she said "not to worry" she would follow up with an email that would have the account number and all details in it... (WRONG AGAIN!!!)

I was so happy with Ms. Little of Miami only to be fooled again by the ATT machine! Needless to say, I never heard back from her, no email, NOTHING... another untruthful deceptive ATT employee...

Interestingly, in the midst of talking to ATT on Monday, an ATT truck pulled up in my front yard. I thought Ms. Little had done wonders... HA... I go out to talk to this guy, and he had no idea about my service or anything... he couldn't get in to see the records (NOTE TO ATT... YOU MAY WANT TO UPDATE YOUR IT SYSTEMS FROM THE 1964 SYSTEM YOU BOUGT ON EBAY! THAT WAY YOU CAN MOVE INTO THE YEAR 2000 and YOUR DIFFERENT SYSTEMS CAN ALL COMMUNICATE.)

After talking to this installer I thought it was interesting to hear him admit ATT was a real pain for their customers and in fact, so much so, that he actually was a COMCAST customers rather than having to deal with ATT!!! HA HA HA HA HA... Wow, I wish I had that recorded for COMCAST...

(as an aside, I had an ATT installer out due to a line cut several months ago... talked to him.. .he too said ATT was a mess, and he hated working there... AGAIN NOTE TO ATT... LOOK AT SEARS...)

So now that Ms. Little had provide her white lie, I was again back to square one.. and the every fun ATT Customer Service Merry Go Round number... so I started again on Tuesday morning (today)... after MULTIPLE TRIES of getting help, I finally demanded to be sent to Customer Retention (thinking that someone there would want to keep me as a customer...)

And believe it or not, I got the 2nd person to speak English as a first language of the 30+ I had spoken with... This lady was "Patricia" ... I don't know where she was located... refused to tell me.

She once again, told me she "understood my frustration" NO SHE DIDN"T... she "was sorry"; she "would help"; she will make everything right, etc. etc. etc. Talked to her hour plus.

She told me she would definitely find about getting my service restored immediately and give me a call back.. (GEEZ, THINK I HAVE HEARD THAT LIE BEFORE...)... I told her I didn't believe her, but she promised over and over and over ..i.e. just like Ms. Little...) I asked her for a number I could call her in case something went wrong, but just like the 100 times I had asked this before, ATT can't do that... they LACK THE TECHNOLOGY to do that... FUNNY.. in fact I got one guy in India to ADMIT ATT DIDN"T HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY TO ACCEPT INCOMING CALLS NOT TO TRANSFER YOU TO A PERSON THAT WOULD ACTUALLY HELP... Again, I wish I had that recorded!!!


So after talking to Patricia for a long time, I asked her about a package Ms Little had offered... she went over the package and told me it was 129 a month... (HMMMM MS LITTLE HAD TOLD ME A LESS EXPENSIVE PRICES...)

So I questioned Patricia (and her attitude), and she repeated the price. I asked if I could get a breakdown of that price... just in case GOD FORBID... I decided LIKE AN IDIOT to stay with ATT...

So she "goes to another screen" to give me the breakdown, and GEEZ... the PRICE IS DIFFERENT... interesting DECEPTIVE AND UNTRUTHFUL practices!!! Someone needs to sue you guys...

So she admits that the price was shown wrong on her other screen, but the excuse was that those EBAY SYSTEMS just don't talk to each other...

So finally, I get the "correct price" (still mind blowing is it that cost with such piss poor customer service)... and promises to call me back in a couple of hours to let me know when we will get our service back on...

Noon: no call from Patricia...
1pm No call from Patricia...
2PM No call from Patricia...

It is now almost 2:30... and crickets... nothing... no calls, no nothing, no Patricia, no Ms. Little, No person from India, no person from Columbia, no ATT person to be seen... NOTHING...once again, I guess it is back to the Merry Go Round... I wonder if I can sue ATT for cutting my service if there is an emergency and I have no way to call or get in touch with anyone?

hmmmm, just an idea I guess...

As I mentioned earlier in the email... I am 60 years old, and this is BY FAR the worse case of customer service I have ever ever ever seen...

A VERY VERY VERY upset customer,
Anthony Buchanan
Alpharetta, GEORGIA USA

Phone number (used to be until this past weekend... 770 619-2369)
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