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05 Jan 2017: I rec'd an email "confirmation summary a new order or service change" and a charge totaling $923.27 (9 Jan 17) is listed for 'combining services' which I DID NOT request. Two add'l charges were previously deducted for $64.41 (5 Jan 17) and $43.91 (5Jan 17), for which AT&T reps could not explain. AT&T withdrew that amount from my checking acc't w/o consulting me in advance, thereby leaving that acc't short $$$ and costing me overdraft fees.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Helotes, TX I tried to resolve this with AT&T customer service, but was passed to 5 different people/departments and kept telling me that "the customer" requested the change. I was finally passed to AT&T Collections, but they couldn't find my account.

Request you determine who/why the employee processed the unauthorized change, report your findings to me, and put my billing back to the way it has been since late 1993. This latest attempt to change my billing is unsatisfactory and warrants seeking another provider if you can't clean up a mess caused by AT&T.

Jan 14, 2017

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