ATTat&t's inability to perform issues on accounts without repeated calls

On September 9, 2016, I requested the internet services on my parents account be disconnected. My Mother has Alzheimer's and no longer is capable of using the internet and hasn't been for most of 2016. As of December, ATT still were billing for this charge after my lengthly conversations with your Loyalty program department. I finally get resolution and they told me a credit for those previous months (Sept-Dec) would be given. On this same date, ATT disconnected their phone line! They have had this same number for at least 50 years. I called ATT and they said they would re-connect it at no extra charge. However, instead of putting it on the same account they opened a new account under my Dad's name. Ok, that is fine but it is still confusing for my parents who are 86 years old.

Still not finished with the credit on my Mom's account. They received a credit statement showing they had $118.oo credit yet they de-deducted another $49.00 Internet fee!!! Frustration is not the word.

How can a company as large as ATT not get something this easily done in this day/time done. You can check the records and see the numerous times I have called trying to get this all straight for my parents.

What is the answer??? ATT would not need as much Customer Support if they could get services performed correctly the first or at the most second time you call.

All of the Representatives are very nice and say they have everything corrected, and yet, not so far today. We are in the 5th month of tyring to get this corrected.

Please HELP!!!

Jan 17, 2017

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