AT&T / at&t u-verse bundle

Ripped off by AT&T. They usually us my phone number to identify me, which [protected]. I am retired, on a fixed income. So December 2015, I realized there were some services in my U-verse bundle I wasn't using. I wasn't watching the premium channels very much, plus I had 2 receivers that I hardly ever used. So I decided to lower my bill by going from U-verse U300 to U200, and send back the 2 receivers I wasn't using. I made the changes online, and it reflected the change in my billing. But, it was only for 1 month. The following month they automatically raise my U-verse U200 cost, they raised my U-verse voice (telephone) cost, and the increased the equipment fee for the 2 receivers I kept. This is unacceptable. I reduce my services to reduce my bill, and they automatically raise the cost of my existing services to make up part of the difference between what I was paying and what I should be paying. They talk about how much they try to give the best customer service, and then they take advantage of you at billing time. Very poor business practices. I used to recommend AT&T, but this is just another one of many instances where they have taken advantage of me. So I will no longer recommend them.

Feb 27, 2016

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