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ATT / at&t tv billing & directv bundle

1 Fort Pierce, FL, United States
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We received a flyer offering us to switch from ATT U-verse to using Direct TV and ATT internet for $79.99 a month. On March 25th they hooked up our Direct TV and I called AT&T to ask them to combine our billing for the bundle deal. ATT said that we had to wait a couple of billing cycles for it to get straightened out. I have been contacting ATT at least once a month, sometimes twice, to get this straightened out. It was my 3rd or 4th call on June 13th where they told me if I paid $40.53 instead of the now $300+ bill I was getting (this is after being switched to a different person a couple of times supposedly had a manager "Ann" there) it would be all straightened out but to pay right away and that way she could fix it right away. I paid that day. She did nothing! I got a confirmation number so thought okay I'll call back and give them that number and they will take care of it. Well a confirmation number is a JOKE. The next person (actually transferred to 3 different people) that I spoke to on July 20th couldn't even find a confirmation number and had no idea where they came up with that number. I had a 3 HOUR chat (not exaggerating, really 3 hours, I have the conversation printed) where they said they could get my bill to $174.00 (still way too high) and take care of that part. A manager would call me the next day to get me correctly on the bundle deal ("the best one they could offer"). Never got a call and she never fixed my bill! For some reason I was surprised. Ugh! So as much as I dreaded making another chat/call on my day off I had to. After about an hour into the phone I actually got a woman by the name of Aubrey (I'm not convinced they really use their true name) but she FINALLY got the billing part done. Thank you "Aubrey!" She was nice and apologized that this was way over due. No kidding. BUT still have the problem of the $79.99 a month they promised us. By the way Comcast was offering the same deal at the time. We contemplated on switching but we have had ATT for years so we stayed. BIG MISTAKE! A manager was supposed to call me and did this time. The best they could offer me at first was $90. Not to complain over $10 a month more but the point is they promised us the $80 a month price. On hold again...then another person got on the phone and said $85 a month is the best they could do. At this point my blood pressure is through the roof and I'm trying not to completely lose it so I agreed and said as long as it is retroactive to March and when our 2 years are up WE ARE DONE FOREVER with ATT and DIRECT TV. He said this day an age you need to get it in writing, get confirmation. Well when I got a confirmation number it was worthless and he was supposed to send me a confirmation email. NO EMAIL! So this nightmare is probably STILL not over!! They both blamed the other (ATT/Direct TV) for my order not going through as a bundle. Now in today's paper there is an offer for $55.00 a month for the Direct TV/ATT internet bundle. I want to throw up. Nice way for you guys to treat your long time customers!!! Can't wait to be done with them. Comcast always got the bad wrap for customer service but ATT is now just as bad. I would definitely suggest anyone switching that wants to keep their sanity to use Comcast or some other company but NOT ATT or Direct TV! To top it off we constantly lose our Direct TV signal.

Jul 30, 2017

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