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AT&T / at&t internet

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I called ATT in June to see if they could offer me any deals that would reduce my bill. I was offered a $5 monthly discount! I then found another provider, Xfinity, for my television and internet service. I not only have a lower bill but I have better service, more options and I added a home phone! I canceled my service with ATT and DirectTV (call #1) as of July 15, 2018. I was THEN offered a reduction in my bill of $60 per month, I was shocked and asked why they didn't offer me this deal when I called a couple weeks earlier!?! I refused the offer and was told to take my equipment to a local UPS or FedEx store and they would return it for free. There are no UPS stores in my town but there are FedEx stores so I loaded up my equipment and drove to 2 different stores only to find out they didn't handle returns and I would have to go to the FedEx shipping center. I haul my equipment to the FedEx shipping center to then be told they do not do ATT or DirectTV returns! I called ATT (call #2) and informed them of what I had learned and I was told to take it to the next closest UPS store which was 30 minutes away. When I refused to drive that far to return their equipment they agreed to send me a mailing label. The deadline for my equipment return was almost up, and not wanting to be charged for failing to return them, I called ATT (call #3) and informed them that I had not received a mailing label. They agreed to resend a mailing label and extended my return date to August 10, 2018 so I would not be charged. I called DirectTV, at this time also, to explain what was going on and was informed that DirectTV didn't need me to return the equipment I had from them because it was too old, they didn't use or want them any longer! August 10th rolls around and still no mailing label! Another call to ATT (call #4), explain my situation again and ask to speak to a supervisor. I was told that a supervisor would not be able to help me!?!! He would send me another mailing label or I could go online and print one myself. He would not extend my return date any further and I would be charged for not returning my equipment on time but that could be reversed when I did get it back to them. After much insisting, on my part, I was finally told that he would get a supervisor on the line for me. No supervisor available but one will call you back! You guessed it! NO CALL BACK!! Went to to print my own label, yeah, that didn't work either! I searched their entire site and could not find a link to print a mailing label! Just got off the phone with ATT (call #5), after having to insist on speaking to a supervisor again, I was connected to Mark. Mark tells me he will send me another mailing label, label #3! I asked if I could return my equipment to the local ATT store, "yes, they will take your equipment for you"! A month and a half later and I'm just now being told this and only after I asked!! But he was more interested in informing me that a had an outstanding balance on my account of $299 and change! What!?! It was a combined bill from ATT and DirctTV and I needed to contact DirectTV to get that taken care of! What!?! Combined bill!?! I have already received a refund from DirectTV for an over payment!! I had DirectTV service for 8 years and when we decided to add ATT internet we were told they would combine our bill, to save money each month, but never did!! I talked to them about that too, years ago, but they refused to do it when they realized the tv bill was in my name and the internet bill was in my husbands name, same last name and same address but no deal!! So I asked how I now have a combined bill, that I didn't even know about! He said when my husband called in June that he had them combine the billing!?! WHAT!?!!! My husband has never called ATT, the bill was in his name because they came to our home (door to door) and offered us the deal and put the bill in his name. I informed Mark of this fact and that I was the one the ATT representative talked to and I told them "NO, DO NOT COMBINE OUR BILL" several times!!! They did it anyway!?! Without permission!!! I then asked to speak to Mark's supervisor, he "doesn't have one"!?! WHAT!?! Do you own ATT? Because if you don't own ATT then you have a supervisor! Right!?! Nope, according to Mark, he is not the owner of ATT but he does not have a supervisor!! I was told to go to and print a complaint form that I could then fill out and mail in. So back to! AGAIN, I am unable to find a link for what I was told would be there!!! I COULD NOT even find a link to make a complaint on their website!

My advise to anyone looking into ATT for their tv, internet, phone, etc...KEEP LOOKING!!! ATT is a joke!! You WILL NOT be able to get resolutions to any issues you have!!! This happened when I still had their service also!!

Aug 27, 2018
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  • 9w
      27th of Aug, 2018
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    at&t have no accountability there just paid seat warmers ( titles mean nothing)
    they will make any excuse to scam you
    shipping label? oh sure wait 6 months
    discount? oh sure get in a contract and oops the discount disappears
    your best bet is to file a complaint with the better business bureau

  • Dr
      7th of Sep, 2018
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    AT&T should be ashamed of their profiteering by forcing customers to speak to people of India who say they are American because they give an Anglo-Saxon name. I requested a service technician to come to my home three times from each an answer man and his supervisor. "Sir, there will be a service charge, " I said "yes, I know, but I do not want to take your advice of calling a TV repairman." I was refused and so decided to go to an AT&T store. It took a while but I finally got a clerk to call for a technician. To my amusement, he was on the line with India for almost an hour and had to lie to them to get them to set up a tech visit to my home. He was sent from department to department and was obviously as frustrated as me. (At least he experienced what customers have to discover the hard way) I tipped him financially for his effort. AT&T has the best service to offer if you can stand the nonsense of their technical support. I will soon be re-evaluating my contractual options.

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