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I was in this store for over 5 hours trying to match and size scrubs for my job. its hard enough finding my XS size as it is, but with the piss poor lack or organization and order, i had to basically go through every top and bottom to find the ones that would fit. as I proceeded to the check out hours later I spotted a RED LINE clearance on THOUSANDS of scrubs right by the check out. 2 dollars compared to 6.99 for each top and bottom was much more appealing. So i took a big breath and dug...and dug... --- FINDING the exact same tops/bottoms that were in the back, except these had red lines on the tags and the ones found at the regular spot in the back did not and were reg priced. Since they were the EXACT SAME size, style etc...i figured theyd just discount me at the register...NOT A CHANCE. NO RED LINE< NO SALE...they said the shirts were from different seasons-- RIGHT. and the I WAS ACCUSED to drawing my own red line on a shirt that was IN THE PILE, WITH A RED LINE, but didnt ring up on sale...the worst manager, employees, and the rudest staff i have ever experienced in my life. SO DISAPOINTED--- and i spent a LOT of money there that day...never again. worst group of useless workers ive ever met.

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      3rd of Apr, 2012

    As you dug through the scrubs looking for your size, did you neatly stack the ones that did not meet your needs? I didn't think so. Why do you think they were such a mess when you started? It's because people just like you dig through them and do not put them back nicely. As for you assuming that since the reg. priced ones were the same as the red-lined ones, well you know what happens when you assume.

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