Home Creations Complaints & Reviews

Home Creations — quality

If I could leave less than 1 star I would. I have a 2 year old house that has been nothing but problems. Our gas fireplace exploded within 6 months of moving in and had to be fixed. Bricks are falling off the outside of our house. Almost every door hinge in the house is falling off due to...

Building, Construction  · Oct 21, 2019

Home Creations — house built cheap

I bought my house in 2014. We have had nothing but problems we did research before we bought this house two sides of our fences have fallen we've had both our outside faucet leak, hot water heater went out, actual heater went out, dishwasher pump went out my oven also blew. And the latest...

Building, Construction  · Jul 22, 2019

Home Creations — roads

Apple valley addition... 34th and broadway Moore okla... The roads in this addition. Are a nightmare. Every 50 ft or so. There is a sink hole going across the entire road. It is destroying!!! My truck. They should be taking care of these deep sinkholes. If something is not done now!!! I...

Building, Construction  · Jun 22, 2018

Home Creations — customer service

Customer service is atrocious and they over promise to get you to sign a contract and give them a down payment. DO NOT USE THIS BUILDER! I have been through a complete nightmare in the past 2 months and was lucky enough to get out of the contract with a full refund but I had to threaten...

Building, Construction  · Apr 16, 2013

Home Creations — warranty shmoranty

You'd think a company who's mass producing houses would have caught on by now that they can't continue to work at this pace and expect to have a quality home built for a consumer to purchase. I closed on my home in March and within 2 weeks the list of problems started to...

Home Creations — warranty

it has been a year and they are just now starting to put in work orders from my walk threw list !!! i have called almost everyday for a year, they cant bulid a dog house the calking is so cheap and the grout they use says dont use near water yet they use for my bath tub!i had to hire an attorney to get work done ! they are true [censored]3es!

Home Creations — terrible company

We bought our Platinium Collection home in 02/2007... we could go on forever about what has gone wrong since... here are some of the highlights. The home was incomplete on day of closing (try moving in around painters, tile people, cleaning lady etc.) Our original punch list never...