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At The Beach / Scams

1 Wichtia, KS, United States Review updated:

In 2008, I was employed At the Beach.
During that roller-coaster of a year ATB, I have seen my share of upset customers now including myself.
My reasons: The turbo package was the elite package. During my training and the training that I instructed my employees was Our Sales Pitch, which included the following information regarding different tanning packages.
If you sign up with the Turbo package, Your price is gaurenteed to never go up, and you have the advantage of tanning in All of the beds that At the Beach currently has available, and ANY that we may accuire in the future.
Now ATB has made up yet another package " The turbo 360".
Next complaint: While working there, I nor was any of the girls working Under me at the Wichita locations where EVER informed that the Contract Agreement (aka) Affiliated Acceptance Corp is enessence a Loan. I purchased a package after working ATB HOWEVER - I'm unhappy that I, myself signed up on the Turbo package and have become a Victim of their Verbage Scam!! * MY WARNING TO OTHERS * DO NOT EVER SIGN ANYTHING WITHOUT READING ALL THE CONTENT. I HAVE SEEN AND HEARD IT ALL FROM ATB CLIENTS. *ATB EMPLOYEES WORK ON COMISSION THAT ENDS AT THE END OF THE EACH MONTH! HAVE YOU EVER STOPPED TO ASK YOURSELF WHY THE GIRLS ARE SO PUSHY TOWARDS THE END OF EACH MONTH??? ALWAYS ASK FOR A RECEIPT( EVEN IF IT'S ONLY FOR FIVE DOLLARS) OH - AND IF YOU DECIDE TO UPGRADE KNOW THIS. ON THE DATE OF SIGING YOU ARE AGREEING TO YET ANOTHER 2YEARS FROM THE DATE OF SIGNING THE NEW CONTRACT!!!
I'll leave you with this...
At the Beach may just be one of the most scandalous places.
I'm sorry to ALL the clients that I signed up on the Turbo Package!

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  • Fo
      26th of Jan, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Thank you for sharing that. I understand that we, the paying customers, are responsible for reading all the fine print in any kind of contract we choose to sign. However, aren't the employees of ATB also responsible for accurately representing the company's policies? Shouldn't these people be held accountable for false advertising? I did read on the contract that it was "non-cancelable, " but when I asked the salesgirl about this she said I could always pay a fee to terminate my membership early, or I could transfer my membership to someone else for the remainder of my contract. The first "option" turns out to be completely untrue, yet when I explain this to anyone else who works there, they act like I'm crazy and take no responsibility for this misinformation (even though there was another employee standing well within earshot at the time of my contract-signing, AND many other people who have filed complaints online claim they experienced the same untruthful sales-pitch).

    Furthermore, signing that contract -- or loan, as you pointed out -- locks the customer into paying a monthly fee for two years' worth of tanning services. But should we have to pay that fee if the services aren't actually delivered? I don't think I've been in a salon once where everything goes right: either a tanning bed is broken, the person at the desk is too spaced out to program in the correct amount of time for the bed, and so on. It's one thing to tell a customer that something isn't working correctly -- that's just a part of life -- but it's another to allow the customer to proceed without acknowledging the problem.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's nothing in the contract that says the customer must pay for services no matter what, even if they are improperly functioning. If that's the case, then we shouldn't have to pay for services we don't receive, and ATB doesn't have any grounds to continue charging us.

    Rachel -- as a former employee, do you have any advice on how to successfully fight this membership scam? Even if you can just recommend a good site to advertise for transferring memberships, I'd really appreciate it. (Finding people on craigslist to transfer to is nowhere near as easy as the salesgirl said it would be -- shocking.) Thanks!

  • Jn
      18th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I too am an ATB victim. I do not know how a company with scandalis and unethical business practices can stay in business. I was conned into signing the "contract" under false pretenses. I insisted on not signing a contract and asked to pay by credit card for a one month committment, but was told my credit card couldn't be processed at their location as they did not have a machine and all charges occured at the corporate headquarters. As an educated consumer I should have known right then and there to walk away, but I felt comfortable that the salesgirl was being honest that I was not signing a contract and I was only committing to one month of service. Four days later I received a letter in the mail from AAC informing me of my financial committment from the "contract". Come to find out the salesgirl had not only lied to me and obtained by information by deception, but forged the "contract" in five different locations.

    I was not allowed to cancel my membership, until I completed their fraud kit and got the following governement agencies involved: Distric Attorney, Federal Trade Commission, State Attorney General, Better Business Bureau.
    My advice to anyone else who encounters a similar problem is to file a report of the crime: Obtaining signatures by deception is a class 2 misdemeanor and Forgery is a class 5 felony. Get your local district attorney involved as this company needs to be put out of business and demand a fraud kit from AAC.
    Good luck and I'm more than happy to testify in a lawsuit at any level against this company. Anything to help put them out of business.

  • Do
      4th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    My daughter was also an ATB victim. She was 18 and thought she was signing a tanning contract, but she actually signed a document that turned out to be a 2-year financial promissory note. She was told by the sales clerk that she could cancel her 'tanning contract' at any time, but the store locations do not handle cancellations and they steer you to corporate where your complaints fall on deaf ears. Because of a family history of skin cancer, her doctor gave her a note saying that she shouldn't be tanning. When she spoke to corporate, they told her that even if you were diagnosed with skin cancer they would not cancel the contract. The only 'out' in the contract is moving more than 25 miles from an ATB location and providing the documentation to prove it to ATB. They won't even honor that clause in their bogus contract. My daughter moved to Australia to attend college and they still continue to charge her checking account even after she provided a copy of her acceptance letter to the university, a copy of her airline receipt with Quantas, and a copy of her official visa.

  • An
      30th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I am also a victim of ATB - What a crock! I went in because I wanted to tan for a few months before my wedding, and then I told the girl at the desk that I would cancel after that. Well, today when I went in to cancel my membership, the girl told me that I had signed up for a 12 month membership, which I would have to then pay in full if I wanted to cancel. Well, that is 715 dollars! Then I asked if there were 1, 2 or 3 month packages that I could've signed up for -- (you know, if the initial salesgirl had wanted to be ethical) and she said yes, but they are "very expensive". Well, how much? I asked. A 1 month membership was 125.00, but that's still less than 715!! I haven't gone back to the initial location where I signed up, but based on these comments, it's not looking favorable. I would also like to put these guys out of business.

  • Un
      24th of Sep, 2009
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    There is a newly created "BOYCOTT AT THE BEACH, INC." group on Facebook welcome to all victims.

  • In
      15th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Also visit At The Beach Sucks dot com and post your complaints. This place is a complete rip off and should be investigated for shady business practices.

  • Re
      6th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    i am also a victim of this business... I cnxled my account in may 09 and that there were not suppose to be anymore charges off my bank account with the auto draft but in October 09 they drafted my account three times and caused me overdraft fees of 75.00 so I thought ok just a simple mistake called the 866-690-9080 and spoke to Karen she told me that I would have to fax a copy of m statement I did so on Monday when I called back that afternoon she was not there so I called Tuesday morning and spoke to Karen again and she stated that the amount would be placed back into my account 48- 72 hours business hours so along came friday 4 days later and no money in my account. So I called again on Friday and she spoke to her supervisor Kristen and she stated that it was the wrong amount so she corrected this issue, but told me that I would have to wait anoter 72 business hours, I was very upset and asked to speak to a supervisor and Kristen came on the line. She was the most unhelpful person I have dealt with, I had a promise to pay on my home gas account since I am not made of money and got laid off from my job and finally got my first ck on that friday...but the Kristen stated she was sorry with no real concern for what has happened to me rude and hateful would be the words I would use for her, I could not say anything without this rude lady interrupting
    me at each turn with no resolve, called the business office 405-843-8784 and spoke to a Lady there with no reslove as well...DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING I WOULD NEVER EVER USE THIS PLACE AGAIN THEY ARE A CHEAT AND RIPOFF ALL ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY THEY CAN RIP OFF FROM HARD WORKING AMERICAN!!!

  • Kl
      10th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree with everyone on this, ATB is a big rip off. I also signed @ 2 year contract under the impression I could cancel my contract, but would have to contact headquarters, what a crock of *&^( ! Headquarters could care less why you want to cancel. Then I tried to freeze my account, but was told I had to come to the business and would have to pay $10 to freeze my account for 3 months, again what a crock ! I also downgraded my package a few months ago, when you do this your contract starts over the day you downgrade, so instead of 2 yrs, i am now basically paying for 2 years & 5 months. I would never recommend anyone going to ATB, they are a complete rip off ! I know better than not to read the fine print on the back, but the sales lady was so nice I trusted her. There are have been so many complaints about ATB where I live the local news stations are reporting on it.

  • At
      12th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am sorry that these customers have not had a good experience with At The Beach. Obviously that is not what At The Beach wants for our customers. I strongly encourage anyone who is currently a member of At The Beach who has a complaint or issue with their membership to contact our Customer Care Center at 866-690-9080 or 866-994-5071. At The Beach is listening to your complaints and our Customer Care Specialists are waiting to work with you to reach a resolution.

    Even if you have contacted Customer Care in the past I encourage you to call again, regardless of what the previous conversation or outcome was as we do want to resolve our customer complaints in a way that is mutually satisfactory.

    You may also email Judson Kinkade at

  • Su
      24th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am glad people took time to write out these complaints. I was told I could pay for 1 month of tanning for 24.95 and then I was told about the membership free that is usually 120.00 but the sales girl could drop it down to $20. I was told they needed my checking account info and even though I wanted to join for a month and I could cancel the draft the next day. The sales girl was very persistant. I did not feel good about it before I paid I decided to change my mind. I am glad I did not sign with them they sound shady at the least.

  • An
      31st of Mar, 2010
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    I have a contract with atb for 2 more yrs. I am usually charged on the 15th of each month however i have noticed that it moves around to the 17th or 18th of each month, which i did not agree to. Well this month of march, I kept watcing my account to see if i was being drafted for it, i keep a close eye on my bank statements. I was not charged and did not understand why. I thought maybe they canceled my account or got it wrong and thought i had only signed a 1yr contract. I just recieved a notice in the mail saying that they tried to draft out the money, but i had insufficient funds and that they were charging me a late fee, an overdraft fee, and double payment for last month and this month. Well I never had an overdraft fee or notice from my bank and on the 15th of march I had over $1200 in my bank account since my husband had just been paid. The least amount we had in there was $400 on the 25th and then we had over $1700 the next day. ATB never tried to contact me on this matter and is saying that i owe them over$127. I refuse to pay this amount and will take legal action if they do not fix it. I feel that they forgot to charge me and they are trying to pin this on me. i wasn't warned when i signed up for atb how bad of a company they were. I had just moved to wichita from nc and was looking for a place to tan. I am going to cancel my account and hope i don't have the same problems as everyone else.

  • Je
      16th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I feel as though I was railroaded by one of the sales people this week. I went in hoping to set up a tanning contract. I knew that it would be a contract, and not likely to be something I'd be able to just cancel on a whim, but I was willing to take that chance.

    When the sales girl showed me around, she started mentioning the Just Ladies gym. I'd already told her that I had just come from my gym, and when she started selling the gym to me, I told her that my gym membership is free, and I wasn't looking to change. She told me "It was included" So, I signed up for the 24 month contract, which confused me for a moment, but I thought that since I was getting no enrollment fee, that maybe I had to get the longer contract.

    I checked their website again to make sure that I hadn't missed something, and I saw 6 and 12 month memberships (no 24). I also noticed that the 12 month membership for the package I got was LESS expensive than my 24 month membership, which seemed a little off.

    So, I called a different store, not wanting to deal with the original sales girl, and explained my issue. She told me that she understood what I was saying and wanted to help me, but she was new and wasn't sure how, so she suggested I call corporate and explain the issue.

    I did, and I wish I'd gotten the girl's name, because I'd love to speak with her supervisor. I told her what happened and that I felt as though I was railroaded, and she told me that I should have "read what you were signing" I did read what I was signing, I knew exactly what I was agreeing to. My problem is that I was not informed that there were other options (that didn't include the gym membership that I didn't want). I was made to believe that the gym membership was included AT NO EXTRA COST with the tanning membership. Obviously that is not true. She acted as though it wasn't her fault (or the company's fault) that things weren't explained to me, and that all of my options weren't presented to me, and that I'd have to have my cancellation letter postmarked today to their OK office. Of course the contract that I signed said that my cancellation must be DELIVERED today to their CO office. So even there, I didn't have correct information.

    I drafted my letter, very angrily, and even printed it off, and was ready to head to the post office right away. However, before I did, I figured I'd try headquarters one more time and see if I could find someone that could help me, because I was still interested in tanning, and they really are the most convenient for me. This time I spoke to Duey. He told me that I could go into the store and sign up for a new membership. He would note my account and they could fax the new info to him and he'd call them back to finish setting up my new account. So I'm going to give them another chance, and hope that nothing else comes up.

  • At
      31st of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    at the beach tanning salons have been scamming people for too long. It only take a minute on the web to see all the complaints at the beach tanning salon has received over the years. you can find more at the beach tanning salon complaints here:

  • Sh
      13th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have just been a victum of this tanning salon in fort collins. I cant believe they are still around and wish there was more we could do to stop them...They never change my bank details for the last 6 months and keep charging my old account that is closed so that it is denied and then i get the $40+ charges.
    They need to be shut down ASAP!!!

  • Do
      21st of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I just went into the ATB location on Smoky Hill in Centennial hoping to try their beds and start a membership. My husband and I recently moved here and I've tried Darque Tan but they are not on my way home from work (ATB is). I entered and was asked my last name by a young girl behind the counter. I explained I had never been and she said I would have to wait for her manager to sign me up. I thought that was strange since I assumed anyone who worked there would be able to tell me about prices, etc. I said ok and sat down to wait. The 'manager' was an older woman and seemed pushy to the other 'newbies' she was talking to, but she was also thorough and informative. I waited patiently for over 15 minutes while she talked to/signed up two people before getting to me. I figured it may be worth the wait and so continued to patiently await what was sure to be an equally informative intro. Boy was I wrong! For some reason, the woman's attitude changed dramatically when it was my turn. I started off by explaining that I had never been there and was interested in trying their beds. I also explained they were right on my way home and would be the best location for me compared to other places in the area ( trying for small-talk as she was obviously busy and working hard). She interrupted me not once, not twice, but three times to stop and talk to other people (which she did not do for the first two, not even to acknowledge me waiting for over 15 minutes). Strike #1. I asked if there was some sort of trial membership or something so I could try it first and she flat out said no. (whaaa?) what kind of tanning place doesn't let you try for free? Strike #2. So I said, ok, how much for the 'credits' and how do the credits work? She refused to answer any questions about credits and TOLD me I was better off doing a membership because the former was 'VERY' expensive. At this point I was not impressed but kept my cool thinking maybe this dense woman was just having a bad day. I further explained the last membership I purchased was only used once in a 2 month period and I do not want a membership. She stated AGAIN that 'it is the better deal'. At this point I began to get visibly frustrated but figured maybe it is the better deal and asked what is the cost of the membership and is it unlimited or what. She TOLD me I would need to sign in ( presumably providing all of my personal information) and THEN she would show me 'around' and tell me about the membership prices. I explained that I do not want a tour and do not want to provide my information if I m not even sure that I want to be a member. Then she flat out refused to provide any more information until I signed up and she gave me a tour. I was appalled. What makes things worse is my curiosity got the better of me and I went to their website when I got home and saw right there a coupon for a free 1 week membership. REALLY!? One word: RIDICULOUS

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