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I bought an iPhone and an iPad mini in Sep. I was told, in response to my specific question, that I could pay off the balance on the iPad online after my first bill. I did so with a credit card in October. The following month, the installment plan was 'reestablished' and my account balance was credited with the amount of the iPad payoff. I have been on the phone with AT&T over 2 months for a total of nearly 6 hours; they will not stop the installment plan and apply the money I sent in October to pay off the iPad mini. They lied and their customer service is the worst I have encountered in all my 61 years. They gave me a 'case number' and promised to call within 5-7 business days the last time I talked with them, 2 weeks ago. Number: CM20151202_[protected]. Like so many other thing with this rotten company, I'm guessing the case number is as bogus as their promise to provide great service. What a scam!

Dec 19, 2015

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