Asurion Insurance / T-Mobile / rip off handset insurance

CA, United States

I bought my daughter a SideKick at TMobile in 7-08 for $350.00. I signed up for handset insurance at the same time, but wasn't given a written policy. The phone was lost on November 24, 2008. I informed TMobile of the loss and they transferred my call to their insurance carrier, Asurion. I told the agent at Asurion that my daughter had the phone in her backpack at school and the battery had died. Then, my daughter switched the SIM card to another phone until she could charge her SideKick when she came home. That same day the SideKick was lost. Asurion told me they would not replace the phone because "my insurance policy was on the SIM card, not the SideKick." The SIM card was temporarily in another phone. I told Asurion I would not buy insurance on a SIM card since SIM cards cost $15.00 to replace, however, SideKick's cost $350.00 to replace. At the time I signed up for insurance, TMobile's rep told me I was buying insurance to protect the phone. I had just filed a complaint with the FCC and will cross my fingers to see if the SideKick is ever replaced! What a rip-off!!!

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