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BEWARE OF ASSURANCE WIRELESS this comany is corrupt..I have been with them since 2013..when I moved in 0ct. 2018..Called them immediately gave them my new address, got text saying address was updated and confirmed ..3 weeks later my service was terminated saying I never applied with them or gave new address..are they kidding?..had service for 5yrs.. and have text confirming address updated..they are absolute liars..talked to a supervisor named John not American but think Phillipine that is were their call center is, they speak bad English hard to understand..this John guy did asolutely nothing to I have to reapply again..and have to pay for service which I did today money confirmed taken out of my bank account ...suppose to get 100minutes for 10.00 and they cut my service after basically stop my service for no reason after 5 years and cut short on the minutes that I paid for myself...I imagine the reapplication that I sent in will most likely not ever get process correctly...or they will claimed they never got it...Assurance Wireless is not going to get away with this corrupt behavior, the proper agencies will be you have been put on notice Assurance Wireless cause your company is going to be Terminated with your shady business practices.

Dec 08, 2018

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