Aspen Dental Managementovercharge, pain, dentist preoccupied not caring

My first visit to Aspen was on March 8, 2018, which was to e for a cleaning. Had my x-rays taken and exam. I was told I had many things going on in my mouth. My first impression of everyone was that they were nice and helpful. (So is a used car salesman). Anyway I agreed to the procedures and had the cleaning, they cut down a tooth that they said needed a crown and filled 2 tiny superficial cavities. That was all fine. Came back on Mar. 13, 2018 for the partial impression for top and bottom. Young girl learning, she didn't but a cloth on me and that stuff got all over my clothes, in my hair and on my face. I told them the tooth they cut down for crown was hurting me. They told it was normal because they did a lot of work on that side of my mouth. I believed them. I went back on Mar. 16, 2018 to get recheck. Mouth still hurting. They said to give it time. I went back on Mar. 29, 2018 to have the temp. crown removed and the perm. one put on. Dental asst was teaching young girl how to remove temp. She grabbed a hold of it and I almost came out of my seat. It hurt so bad. The dental asst. tried to work on me. I was terrible. So Dr. Burgess came in and went to do it and I asked to be numbed. She gave me a couple of shots and let me the mean time Dr. Burgess was with at least 3 other patients. Came back and I still could fell everything. Gave me more shots. She was more interested in talking about her moving into a new house that she could of cared less about me. This went on for over an hour. Dr. Burgess was so frustrated with me and she SHOWED IT. She ended up giving me like 8 shots, squirting the fluid all around my mouth and ended up just jerking the temp off. I about came out of the chair. So now they can't get the new crown to fit correctly. They have me bite down on it and it cracks in half. Great now I have to go through this all over again. So the dental asst is frustrated also and is showing it. They slapped a temp back on to cover the exposed tooth. The temp had a piece sticking out on the side that was cutting my cheek and it was shoved on there where it was cutting my gum. Dr. Burgess gave me a pain med prescription and walked off. I WAS IN THAT CHAIR FOR 2 HOURS CRYING DURING ALL THIS - I WAS THE ONE APOLOGIZING.
Went back April 11, 2018 to finish up my cleaning. I talked to the office personal about what was going on and their answer was for me to sign another form charging me $2123.00 on top of what they had already charged me the $3184.00. I was so upset and confused. They took advantage of me. The hygienist was nice but she did not clean my teeth very good. Nothing like what they charged me for. Honestly they looked cleaner before I even went. I told her my I mouth was killing me and that I had been taking the pain med when I could but nothing was taking the pain away. She said she would let them know. Went back on April 16, 2018 for the wax fit. Again I told them I still hurt. I scheduled to come back and just pull the tooth out. I explained I cant stay medicated just to get through the day. They tried numbing me again, Dr. Burgess grabbed hold of my tooth and I almost fit her. She jumped back, it was that terrible. She again so annoyance with me. More shots, nothing was working so I was like that's it. She told me I would have to see the oral surgeon. Finally someone that knows what they are doing. Made the appointment Sat in May because he only came once a month. I called to get information on that doctor and the office staff would not tell me, she said she didn't know who was coming. I was like your kidding right. I finally found out who he was and that Dr. didn't have very good credentials. Than a couple days later they tell me I have to reschedule because he couldn't come on that day. I would need to wait another month. I brought all my paperwork, partial and bills in and spoke to the office manager. I told her I was not ever coming back and that they can refund me my money because I have now been in pain and on medication for 3 months. I went to a reputable dentist and I explained all what was going on. They were able to fix my tooth pain, the pain that happened at Aspen dental.

Jun 07, 2018

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