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Portsmouth, NH, United States
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On april 20, 2017 my daughter had an appointment for xrays etc. She had called the dentist office prior to get a price. The office told her that the price for what she was going to have done is 29.00 my daughter went to that appt. Upon leaving she went to pay her 29.00 and received a bill for $129.00 when she had confronted them about the quote on the phone they said that they were sorry and gave her a discount making her bill $96.75. Unreal.. This was her second appointment with this company on her first appt. My husband and i use our care credit card because of her charge of over $1300.00 which i recently found out that they said to me on the phone that they overcharged her on her first visit.. Where is the money????? i did not receive any reimbursement for this.. This company is fraudulent and needs to be dealt with.

Jun 16, 2017

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