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I am requesting an immediate refund to be able to get dentures elsewhere:
24 HR post op visit was Horrible and will be writing a letter to as many people I can to get money back.
I went in today complaining I didn't have swelling and dentures didn't fit. Couple sore spots. This is my 3 visit at aspen. I was treated with such disrespect, not listening to me. Let me sit there for three hrs with tears and not one mention of calming me down. I couldn't believe they thought they were sending me out into the real world with nice temporarys which I was told in the money room I will end up with 2 sets for 7044.00 great I thought. Doctor did allow me to address my issues without his body language screaming get over it. He pulled my bottoms out with great force after a reline while my tops where out and hit them. Ouch. He did say sorry. As I had tears for this time with same tissue I finally asked to get a new one...horrible uncaring company I kept while I was there. I would say I cannot go to work..I have an important job his response everyone does...I said I am your patient not everyone.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Gardiner, ME He and obviously could agree on anything and everytime he messed with denture it was worse. I told twice I wanted to speak to someone else and thank goodness a gentle soul who got it...I had my teeth extracted and had a heart to deal with me. Reline was removed from top denture due to the huge gum look...why are the teeth not made bigger to balance that? P.Banda from Augusta Maine is someone that needs to pretend to's hard enough going to dentist I am traumatized and do not want this office to touch my mouth. 7044$ and I am miserable. I have before and after pictures of today. I am disappointed as I was assured I would look great. Please contact me as soon as possible. I will be going to another dentist that I went to after I was told by aspen my teeth could not be saved. She had a slight change yet I chose aspen for immediates so I could go to work. Also the doctor mentioned limbs and getting used to it yes...but my teeth are the wrong size. I didn't swell so the huge dentures they made are wrong. With the inability to say that I do not trust them. And I am positive your CEO would be pissed if he witnessed what I went through.

Aspen Dental Management
Aspen Dental Management
Aspen Dental Management
Aspen Dental Management
Aspen Dental Management
Aspen Dental Management

Jan 31, 2017
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      Jan 08, 2018

    Hate to say it but I guess they all go to the same school. Every complaint I hear seems we all had/have similar problems. I started at one Aspen and thought I finished by the third one. I just don't understand the ignorance whether it be sympathy/empathy/knowledge or manners (I am not perfect) but have delt w/the public for years. .Hopefully I can resolve my problem promptly and be done with aspen. 3 offices 6 years Thousands $$$$ and not happy boooo Good Luck

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