[Resolved] Aspen Dental Managementdenture

J Nov 28, 2017

The last 2 month's I have been trying to resolve issues with my upper denture that was made by the Aspen of York 2803 Concord Rd. York, Pa., The first Dentist told me there was nothing else he could do and the new Dentist I saw this evening (11/27/17) told me they would either make a new denture or return my money..Amanda(office mgr.) then told me she "talked" to the Dentist and said.." he really wants to make a new denture" I said to her I have no confidence in the lab or the tech that made the impression to make another denture and will go some place else..I told her I would file with the A.G.'s office and she said she would "talk" to the dentist and call me..The T.V commercials do not represent what really goes on in this practice.

  • Resolution Statement

    Issuing a full refund.Thank you Amanda for standing by your guarantee.

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