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Terrible way to run a business never mind a professional health organization. I had a abscess and my mom called and made an appointment for me for an extraction. She was given a price of 129.00 plus tax to start because I have no insurance Up in arrival I was told that the appointment was not for an extraction. they had to listen to the recording of my mom making the appointment before they would agree to pull it. Even though I was suffering in great pain. My sister was kind to pay my bill and they told her it was going to be 169.00 then after I was done which it only took a couple of seconds I was discharged. Once I was home, sister called me and told me they actually charged her $ 275!! There was no communication on the change in price or reasonable reason given only poor communication. I have no stitches or surgical incisions. I feel terrible for what they did! A bunch of crooks!

Nov 27, 2017

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