Aspen Dental Managementconsumer fraud

My husband got a quote for work to be done and paid them in advance. I immediately called them when seeing the quote and told them to a there was a primary and secondary insurance which they were not taking in to account. After the work was completed, i asked them for a statement of account to see the balance and breakdown. There was a credit of over $1, 000 on the account and we left it there because my husband was going to get more work done. After several failed attempts at getting an appointment to fit my husbands schedule, and the doctor cancelling the day before appointments, we found a different dentist and I requested a check be sent for the credit balance. When I didn't receive a check after a few weeks, i called back and they said that my account did not show a credit balance. Well, I have a printed copy of that original statement and asked for an updated copy. They have changed payment applications in their system to re-allocate money and no longer show a credit on my account. I faxed them both statements and they told me they would investigate. Numerous calls get the same results, they tell me they will get back to me or i just get voicemail.
They changed allocations of my personal payments to "absorb" the additional money on my account. The original statement shows a personal payment of $1, 079 and the new one that they doctored up now shows a personal payment of 491.00 - that is just 1 line of changes that they have made.

Nov 30, 2018

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