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Aspen Dental Management / charged for dental procedure that were never performed.

1 Glastonbury, CT, United States
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I became a new patient in 2011 with Aspen Dental. At the beginning, things went fine, I had my initial visit and after that I was told what I would need done to me teeth. I had insurance so I wasn't sure why it would of cost that much but they approved me for a credit card to use for the charges. The first charges total over $8, 000 including my wisdom teeth removal which i never approved that. I declined that so they removed the wisdom teeth charges and gave me the new total of charges which included fillings and possible root canal. I made my next appointment to began the process. Before I made it to that appointment I found out I was pregnant. When I went to my appointment I told them I am pregnant and I can not do any X-rays. so it was agreed I would come back after I gave birth to start the process again. I left my appointment, I received a call from my sister and mother asking me about my pregnancy. I was shocked!!! They told me one of them told them at their appointment that they had that same day. Which is a break in HIPPA Law. So after that Situation I was upset because I was newly pregnant with my first child and I didn't want my family to find out that way. I didn't want anything to do with this company after that. So couple years ago, I began to get phone calls from a collection agency stating I owed Aspen Dental over $2400 dollars. I told them that could not be possible because I did not have any procedures done with this company, to be charged so much money. When I checked my papers they charged me for the procedure that were never done. I called the company and explained everything and that I wanted a list of my charges from my dental visit, they first told me that they will have them in the morning. I called back in the money, no one knew what I was talking about or couldn't find my records. They said how my records were at another Aspen Dental branch.Which was false!!! I never been to any other branches. Months later I called again because I still was getting harassed about these charges by. The collection agency and then said they have to get them from an outside storage where they kept old files and it would take a couple days to get it. When I called back once again they company had no recollection of my request. So now these charges are on my credit for procedures I never got done.

Aug 22, 2018

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