Aspen Dental Management / billing incorrect, unable to get permanent partial plate due to it

Venice, CA, United States
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I, Cathy Parker had several teeth pulled an a parital plate made on 3/5/18 at Aspen Dental in Venice Florida. 4246 S Tamiami Trail, Venice, FL [protected]. My United Health Insurance was billed. I was told to pay $350 dollars and that was all I would owe by Allen the office manager. I asked several times about this and was assured this is true. 3 months later my husband started receiving calls from collection agency on an outstanding bill, we never received a bill from aspen. They rejected over 1, 000 worth of work. I checked with United health and was told some of the teeth extractions were rejected for various reasons and a double claim was made on an item. I called the office and Allen was to file an appeal having the doctor write a letter. Month went by nothing at my insurance, I called the office again took several times to get ahold of allen. I called the complaint line for aspen twice they took my complaint but no calls back from them. On Sept 10 I talked with Allen and he told me to go to the Aspen dental office if Fairlawn Ohio (as I have now moved) on 9/13 at 10 am for he had made an appointment for me to get my temporary partial lined and would arrange with them something for my permanent one. I went, they had no idea who I was and I did not have an appointment. But they saw me anyway, and was calling Allen. they told me they could not do anything with my partial that I needed a new one. And they would not do it, even with me paying until I took care of the balance owed from Florida. Allen assured me he was sending letter. I called today 10.26 to United Health they have not received anything. I called the Venice office and was told he was with client and could not speak to me. I explained to the receptionist that he needed to call me back as I need teeth! I cannot get anywhere with this...I am having difficulty chewing food with out any back or side teeth on my upper gums. I want the bill cleared and I want them to produce a permanent partial like promised.

Oct 26, 2018

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