Aspen Dental Management / billing fraud and dental malpractice

Tullahoma, TN, United States

I am now on my 7th appointment in 2 months. Was charged 7, 000 to my credit card for work that has not and will not be done. They refuse to refund the money. During root planning they messed up several teeth that were ok, which fell apart the next evening and still haven't fixed after 2 months as well as making me pay to fix their mess up. Had several teeth pulled on lower back jaw to have partials put in. Dentures didn't fit and refused to fix them with plenty of excuses. Said new dentures would be 2 weeks out and I can't even wear these. Now I'm being told June of 2018. I'm normally 95 lbs, now 85 because I haven't been able to eat much in 2 months and losing more weight. Went in to have the process for crowns started and they placed a grey temporary crown half the size it needs to be, on my smile line and refused to fix it until permanent crowns come in. Still refuses to rework insurance and financial claims for work not done and won't be done. I've previously had 20k of dental work done and I know what temp crowns are supposed to look like. I also know charging my credit card for work not performed is billing fraud and I'm on the brink of filing a complaint with the state board of dentistry as well as filing multiple lawsuits for billing fraud and dental malpractice and dental negligence. I am beyond upset

Jan 9, 2018

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