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I went in for a checkup, i knew i would need the deep cleaning. They did their checkup and told me i needed a full mouth debriment (deep cleaning) a small cavity and a dental guard. The total was 617, they told me that my insurance didn't cover the cavity and only a little of the deep cleaning, i knew the dental guard wasn't covered. So i had all the work done and paid in full my first visit. I had 3 different visits and each time they gave me electric tooth brush (junk) next was some mouth wash, and last was toothpaste, now i was never told i was getting charged for any ot the 3 items. My last visit i was told i owed another 73 dollars that the insurance company didn't cover, so i asked why and i was shown a paper with all the coverages, non-coverages, " in house discounts" and my payments. I saw on the paper i was charged 135 for the toothbrush, 24 for the toothpaste and 24 for the mouth wash. So i said i never was told i was getting charged for these things, i would of never taken them if i knew i was getting charged for them. Also i found out my insurance covered alot more then they told me, another shady business practice. I demanded to get a full refund of these 3 items and they told me they couldn't cause i already used them, i told them that you lied to me and there isn't any paper work that has them on it that i signed. Needless to say they didn't want to refund me the money, so i told them well i am legally right and if you don't refund me the money then i will take legal action. So guess what they said they would refund me the money for the 3 items, which i am still waiting for, but its only been 15 days and my credit card company said wait 30 days then if no credit then they will go after Aspen Dental. But last time i called (last week) and asked about when exactly the credit was done i was told it was put in like 15 days ago, but i was also told i owed another 139 dollars, i laughed. So DO NOT go to aspen dental, they will use shady business practices to make you pay for things you don't want or don't know you are getting. I will get a lawyer if they insist i owe them more money.

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  • Ta
      11th of Feb, 2010

    I have also had issues with over paying my husband was charged $10 for his visit then when I had my visit a short time later they said I had to pay a bill of $29 before they would see me. I said for what they said my husband still owed $29. Why didn't they tell him that at his visit why are they telling me?

    Another time they said my insureance would not cover my cleaning because it had not been 6mo yet they were wrong it had been 6mo and I had to make them pay me back for wbat the insurance did cover.

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  • Ja
      6th of Feb, 2015

    DON'T DO IT!!!
    I have issues with the nerves in my lower jaw getting numb since I had jaw surgery several years ago. The first time I needed a root canal after the surgery, neither my dentist nor I were aware that I wasn't numb and in drilling hit a live nerve. I cannot begin to describe the pain. My dentist was in tears and referred me to an endodontist who took care of my tooth very well. This endodontist has moved her practice to another city and I needed to find a new one. I explained all of this to the dentist at Aspen Dental in Estero and referred me to the endodontist in Ft. Myers. I was told I would have valium plus nitrous oxide to lessen my anxiety. When I was in the chair i experienced some things that caused rather than lessened my anxiety.
    1. No nitrous oxide
    2. The initial shot of novicain REALLY, REALLY hurt. I told the dentist and she, without compassion said, "It's a shot, it's going to hurt."
    3. The second shot hurt as well. I knew my jaw wasn't going numb because I could feel the needle. Once again I was told, "It's a shot, it's going to hurt."
    4. When the assistant put the dam on my face my nose was covered and I held it so that I could breath. The dentist told her to fix the dam so that I could breath. I'm no dental assistant or anything close, but isn't it kind of a no brainer that a patient should be able to breath?
    5. While testing to see if I was numb enough, the assistant ran the suction hose over the gums under my lower central, lateral and canine incisors, which hurt. I told her to stop because I could still feel pain. Again I was told I was going to feel some pain. I know that suction shouldn't be painful so my anxiety level soared and right as the dentist started drilling I told her to stop and I got out of there like a bat out of hell.
    6. My best friend was there to provide transportation. I started to tell her everything that had happened and the assistant tried to defend herself and told me to lower my voice. I told her I'd lower my voice when she stopped talking to me. She left and so did I.
    My husband checked our credit card for our refund daily for the next two weeks. On work day I called Aspen to find out what was holding up my refund. I was told it should appear on next months statement. I told her we monitor our CC online daily to protect against ID theft and their credit should have been processed about four days ago. We received the credit within 48 hours.
    I did have the work done at the office of an endodontist who is in practice by himself. My advice is to stay away from franchises and go to smaller practices.

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  • Pi
      30th of Oct, 2015

    Gave 1 start because had no choice.
    And corporate doesn't even care, They need to be shut down.
    For 1 year now i have had an infection, was told i had bone loss as i see others have been told.
    I live in pain everyday, I was told 3 teeth had to be pulled that there was no other option for me, the doctor ended up pulling 6 of my teeth out, i was devastated i was treated awful in there, it was like being slowly tortured.
    I went back with a bad infection the Doctor was so rude and didn't even bother to look at me.
    I received bills which i have paid cash for what was supposed to be done (gets even better) when i went there I was told the office manager Mariela was no longer there and she took files and they still wanted me to pay even for work i never wanted or agreed on doing.
    Since then and having fear of going to dentist now, I was in so much pain i went to 2 different dentist both told me i have No Bone Loss! One dentist told me Aspen is in the business of selling dentures and that's why they do this, this doctor suggested i get my files and xrays .. So i did and the day i went to pick all xrays and what was left of files I noticed all new staff, the woman at the Desk was trying to sell me to another doctor there (No Thanks) she told me the doctor who destroyed my mouth doesn't work at that office anymore.
    Now i need to have surgery where they have to cut my almost 3 inches long do to bone fragments & root that was left in my mouth was also told that the infection i have can not wait and could be very dangerous. I don'thave the money for this surgery and to fix all the damage that was done.

    I call corporate spoke to.a woman Julie who told me a woman Tricia would call me back and she never did..
    Since i was even received a call back I guess I'm left no choice to take legal action just to fix the mess Aspen Dental did to my mouth.
    Aspen does not care about people, all they care about is pulling your teeth out so they can sell you dentures that you don't need.

    I cried when other dentist told me those teeth were wrongfully pulled and i have no bone loss like i was told.
    I'm glad i have my xrays from Aspen Dental proof.
    They have destroyed my face and my life, I still cry everyday over this.

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