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Aspen Dental - Concord, NH / dental cleaning

1 14 Loudon RoadConcord, NH, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 603-227-9899

I chose Aspen Dental because I do not have dental insurance and the price seemed reasonable. I will never go back.

I have been to a dentist every six months my entire life, I had braces as a teenager and my teeth are in great condition. My cleaning lasted for about 20 minutes, which is not usual. Wendy (the hygienist which I would not recommend) man handled my mouth. She scrapped so hard using her tools I felt that the enamel on my teeth was being damaged. I made an appointment with a “real” dentist to have it checked out. Wendy scrapped so hard that my gums were bleeding, I was overwhelmed with the sensitivity in my teeth, and it felt as though she was drilling them manually.

When I expressed that I was in pain, she laughed and said she was having a hard time because I had tarter build up. If that was the case why did my cleaning take only 20 minutes! After Wendy polished my teeth she began to floss. Wendy was excessive in pushing down far into my gum line, beyond anything I had ever experienced with any dentist. When I expressed discomfort and asked her to please be gentler she stopped flossing my teeth and tried to sell me mouth rinse.

I will never go back here. I would rather spend $200 buck on a dentist that knows what the hell they are doing. Awful!!!

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      26th of Jun, 2011
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    I am about to make a complaint concerning Aspen Dental in Keene, NH - not only did they give me a few thousand dollars in treatment, but there appeared to be a conspiracy between the dentist and the hygienist concerning the condition of my teeth and the treatment plan.
    FIrst, the estimate and treatment plan totaled nearly the full amount of the credit I had obtained from Care Credit. My concern was that my teeth had deteriorated so much that I'd need them all pulled and move on to dentures. I ask them to give me the best, most logical plan. If there were teeth I would lose that would show when I smiled (I had several of them pulled in the back) then I'd prefer just having them all out rather than waste time and money on temporary solutions. They capped a couple (expensive) ; At the end of my "treatment" I was told I'd have to use flouride for the rest of my life; but then, "Oops" they found another huge issue on one of my front teeth. But drilled and filled, they fixed it - add more to the total cost. Then, at my next cleaning "Oops" they found another area in another tooth - this time, gouged out an area right on the gum line with a dental tool and asked me to make another appointment. Then, (I have bad eyesight) I noticed a rough edge on one tooth and upon inspection, I saw where every single tooth has eroded right along the gum line; in short, my teeth all should have come out. Now they say they can take them out for about 4, 000. more dollars - turning the two year "treatment" into an 8, 000 dollar ordeal. I not only believe they knew that my teeth were not salvageable, but they conspired to withhold the diagnosis from me, opting instead that I throw all my money at a lost cause. Now, with caps only a couple of years old, those teeth all need to be removed.
    DON"T TRUST THEM !! I'm sure they have quota's and dollar amounts, being a chain, that they have to meet month to month - and they'll use you and mislead you to get there. They work together to accomplish this - and while you pay off the cost of bogus care, you'll have to be saving to fix their mistakes at a great cost. I don't have any more credit or money, and wake up every day with a tooth ache where they gouged out the enamel and left a huge hole; I have two teeth I can't bite with as they are painful. What am I going to do now? Complain and file suit if they have the gall to deny what they've done to me (which I anticipate they will do). They're nothing more than cheap carnie barkers who don't care about anything but how much you can throw at them and will lie in order to convince you - Go to a reputable, local dentist and forget the hype they're selling; because they can't help and won't be honest with you until you're bankrupt!

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      7th of Jul, 2011
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    I have received EXCELLENT results from a complaint I made concerning my dental treatment and Aspen has agreed to refund nearly all of my costs.
    I am hoping that other people are able to resolve their complaints as easily as I resolved mine - in fact, Aspen was very nice when they spoke with me and not at all defensive; just wanting to make sure I was satisfied with their offer to resolve my complaint, which they quickly did.

  • Mi
      5th of Apr, 2012
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    EXTREMELY POOR SERVICE AND RIP OFF. My wife made an appointment at Aspen Dental in Kingsport Tn. All she needed was a tooth glued back on to her pallet. We arrived 30 mins early as we expected to fill out a form as it was our first and last visit to this outfit. The form was garbage asking totally irrelevent questions, such as driver licence number and date of expiration. Annual income .Race and a load of question that they do not need to know. Our appointment was 4.00pm and where called in at 4.31pm. They insisted that my wife had to have xrays taken and mouth cancer tests done. After the xrays my wife waited 20 mins with no dentist seeing her then walked out. That seemed to have them stirred up and they asked us to wait about 10 more minutes, but we walked out but still had to pay $19.00. What a rip off place.

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      6th of Jun, 2012
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    Lets just say I am going to sue the hell out of Aspen dental for ###ing my teeth up!!!

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      17th of Jul, 2012
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    Please join the class action lawsuit being filed. We need your testimony. You can email me at
    I am a paralegal and private investigator working on the case.

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