Asknetunauthorized credit card charges and unethical behavior

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on 2/6/19 Asnet created a pop up on my Elderly Mother's computer. It told her she had a virus and needed to call an 800#. I was not at home at the time. They guy used scare tactics to get her money. He told her that he could see that over 800 people had tried to access her private information and that if she didn't purchase their products her computer would be infected and would be destroyed. They told her about 1 charge for $96 but then charged 2 more at $359.99 and $200 and something. I had to get on the phone with the guy when I got home. He ended up telling me he would refund her money but I think we all know that will never happen. We called the bank the first thing the next morning to have the charges reversed. It makes me so angry that these people take advantage of our seniors!! I told my mom the other day that a long time I trusted people until they gave me a reason not to trust them but now I don't trust anyone until they they give me a reason to trust them. I hope the feds will shut them down. I am having to put locks on all of our credit reports. They had my Mom on the phone for over 4 hours. She gave them full access to her computer. I was told later they were using that time on the phone with her to copy all of her files. DON'T FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!

Feb 07, 2019
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  •   Feb 08, 2019

    Yeah it's a scam. Welcome to the party.

    It's not only a scam but also a VIRUS.

    You have nothing wrong with your computer. The pop-up comes up and this weird, spooky woman's automated voice reads the written message like you are illiterate. Doing what it says to do in the message GIVES you a virus.

    I wouldn't be able to live without my Geek Squad.

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