Alert USA Complaints & Reviews

Alert USA / unethical business


After satisfactory service from this company for 2 years I am very upset with their cancellation policy I notified them of my Mother's passing within weeks of my renewal period. I returned all merchandise and received confirmation from the post office and was told it would be...

Alert USA / No Customer Service/Support


This company provides emergency telephone alert units for the home. I have a problem with a new unit that their "customer service" department refuses to exchange or correct. This leaves my 85 year old father alone with no emergency unit. Calls to their help line go unresolved. Requests for...

Alert USA / Unethical Business Practices


On February 2007, I purchased two emergency response monitoring systems from ALERT USA each at a cost of $325 plus $100 equipment deposit. I have been trying to close these accounts since February 2008 with no success. First, they charged my credit card on February 1, 2008 with another year...

Alert USA / Non-response


Letter to response: I became a paid subscriber to Alert USA in October of 2007. Each month when I check in (according to the company directive), I have always had a response from AlertUSA. Sometimes it takes three or four minutes, but still…an answer to my...