RapidVidz Complaints & Reviews

Rapidvidz / unsubscribe

Aug 31, 2017

14aug2017 Westpac debit foreign transaction at cyprus Amount $ 65.59 including fee of $1.90aud Videos hd membership Contact [protected] 3 I want to unsubscribe all membership claims from cyprus for adult videos. I no longer can afford such direct, recurring debits from my westpac Account, a...

Rapidvidz / illegitimate subscription

Feb 06, 2017

Since at least one year rapidvidz has charged my account. The last withdrawal was 48, 73 euro(jan. 04-2017) but there have been withdrawals at least since january last year 2016 (49.95) and probably even longer. I have never given permission nor did I subscribe to Rapidvidz nor did I...

Rapidvidz / deduction of amount even though I haven't subscribed it

Nov 24, 2016

I registered a few months back on the website "" to watch TV-series online but never used any of their services till date. On 19-November-2016, they have charged me 47.26 Euros as their fee. I haven't even opened their website after registering. It must be a mistake. Is there... / unauthorized charges

Jul 13, 2016

I looked at the site, and decided it was not for me. So I gave no payment details. On 25/April 2016 they charged to my card account $49.95. How they got the card details I have no idea. I went to their site and chatted directly to them, saying I had not used the site and did not want to be...

Rapidvidz / unauthorized visa deduction

Sep 22, 2014

I found on my credit card account a debit of $49.95 by ref 1-[protected] Payment no.[protected]. I have not authorized such a payment nor have I received any services. My name is Patrick MacCarvill and my email address is [protected] / charged me money for the items I never ordered

Pe charged me money for the items I never ordered and never received. There is no doubt that it is a scam. I should get the product if it was a mistake. They also ignore my emails and calls. I am absolutely sure that there is no way to return the money. Am I right?