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read how i fixed it, PERMANENTLY, with BLOCKSITE extension and join me in spreading the dirty truth about them!!!

for the last week, or so, hijacked my chrome browser, ousted google search and crowned itself, my default search engine! its been the must insufferable intrusion, ever, on my laptop. first, i went to internet options and changed it back to google. i thought i was done with it, but later that day, it returned...on a grander scale--a total and hostile coup and obliteration of google! when it first appeared, it shared the search bar with previous google search results, i recognized...this time, it was ALL ASK;! when i typed in google search, and click on google, i'd end up on ask, talking about google search!

system restore didn't do it, so i thought it might have been the AOL program i downloaded, days before...i uninstalled and re installed. it came back the next day--with google search result in its list of searches. i googled how to remove it, and went into search engine option in settings, changed default to google, REMOVED ask and the many others on a list of 'other' search engines...i was certain this would do it for sure, this would do it...NOPE! this time, it was gone just 20 mins! so i uninstalled and tried to re install google chrome, but for hours COULDN'T--got a msg that the the download was blocked bcos something was missing...eventually, i restored old one. i repeated the steps and cruised google forum for a permanent solution...just as i began to try some new measures, it occurred to me to try an extension i added from google last night--BlockSite..i simply typed in, clicked ADD, then typed on my search bar...VOILA! BLOCKED! it took a total of TWO MINUTES! i do not appreciate the many precious hours i spent on this! i feel google and other browsers should do something about this!

so..ASK.CON likes being asked questions--so much, its directs search engine traffic from other browsers, aye? if you've had this problem, i ask you to join me and WRITE ASK.COM WHY THEY'RE HIJACKING OTHER SEARCH ENGINES, , WHAT IF ANYTHING, THEY INTEND TO DO ABOUT IT. i myself will demand that they change their name to ask.CON, for their shady and malicious (blocking me from downloading chrome) intrusion i'm sure they know about it, and do nothing bcos we the people, do NOTHING! i'm also going to post this on please join me!-- ask to stop this nonsense! since no govt agencies will ever stoop to getting to the bottom of this, let's put them on notice, that WE, THE PEOPLE ARE TAKING MATTERS INTO OUR HANDS, BY GOING PUBLIC AND ALERTING OTHERS ABOUT TO TAKE PREVENTIVE MEASURES!
the truth is, things like this thrive because, we ALLOW IT. we've all done this during the crisis, most of us WANT to write and give that so and so a piece of our minds...till its over...we get busy, and over time, we just shrug it off, till next time--because we all shrugged it off. off. i'm not shrugging this off. one thing that even the biggest corporations on earth can never beat is the wrath of a disgruntled consumer, who posts their dirty laundry on the WWW! regardless of the merit of the post--the negative complaint will always come up in searches for that company. these days, we needn't go to 60 minutes to expose shady businesses-- each of us has the power, with a few clicks. the power of just a handful of people, united in frustration over ANYTHING, is quite formidable--even if all they do is write letters.

sure, one complaint might get attention, but if its true that ONE letter, complaint, call by a consumer is equivalent to 100, or 1000; i'm not sure...don't quote me. imagine the impact of 5 to 10, people, like us, NOW--united by this NEGATIVE experience with directly to said company AND posting a copy of their complaints or experience on a CONSUMER-POWERED site, where fed up, unsatisfied unpaid, consumers --NOT PAID ACTORS, complain, warn others, when those we do business with, fail to deliver as promised. this is the cyber age, when anyone can disseminate any information to the world, in seconds..WE, THE CONSUMERS have the power to change the way we are treated.
let's tell the world about companies that fall short of their promises, or engage in underhanded mischief--like, that could threaten our privacy and livelihoods. this annoying distraction cost me money because my laptop is my entire business, office--everything... it crashed twice when i couldn't reinstall google chrome and was down for the better part of 2 days!

if you write to ask, or post on complaintsboard, please, posst a copy, of it as a reply to my post. thanks!

Feb 25, 2014

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