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So I just left MY local Ashley Stewart store with a return. Walked into the store, As I got in line there was about two other guest in front of me . I waited about 5 min. As I was approaching the counter the young ladies looked at me then looked at each other rolling their eyes. I got to the counter and before I could set my return down the lady named Deborah didn't ask me any thing she went straight to reciting the "return policy" .See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Southaven Mississippi, MS After saying what the return policy was she said "it tells you that" "we can't do nothing with no shoes because we don't sale shoes" I felt pushed and mistreated by her because I am a customer who spent over a hundred and 80 dollars on clothes and shoes on this order not to mention an additional 20 dollars in shipping charges, and only one thing didn't fit and that was a lousy heel that only cost $19.52. I would have settled for a store credit or anything, it didn't matter I didn't want a hassle with returning online. the shoes where perfectly packaged like they came and brand new she didn't take the time to even see what I had or to even show me that she cares about me being a customer. Ashley i will never shop with you again!!! I hate being treated as if my dollar does count.. I Matter Deborah

Jan 14, 2017

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