Ashley Furniture Homestorepoor quality, safety concerns, no customer service

I purchased a loft bunk bed set (Qunitessentials B190, beds, loft desk, loft bookcase, and loft chest) in August. In the store, we were told the bookcase/chest and desk were interchangeable, and could be swapped right/left. We were unable to try out the ladder, as it is blocked off with a banner in the store display (other bunk sets' ladders in the store are not blocked off). On delivery, we found that the bookcase/chest and desk were NOT interchangeable, making the set a bad fit for our room. In addition, the ladder is very difficult to climb becuase the rungs are metal tubes-- extremely hard on the children's feet without shoes! I called and was told there was nothing Ashley could/would do about it. Later I realized the side rail on the bed is too low for a standard twin mattress, making the top bunk unsafe! (we are using the same twin mattress from a previous set on bunk beds-- it was fine with the other bunk bed/rail, and no one at Ashley pointed out that the display bed set has a very thin non-standard mattress!) In addition, the bottom bunk is on casters, so that you can move it to make the bed (it is not displayed with casters in the store) but when the bed moves, it creates an entrapment hazard-- my son has woken up with his head between the desk and the bed frame! Last week we found that the bed was no longer shifting because all 4 casters had shattered beneath the weight of the bed!! This bed set is of very poor quality and completely unsafe for children!! When I called the Customer First Center, the call center staff seemed very understanding of my concerns, but said the final decision was up to the regional manager, Glen. He has offered only to replace the original casters on the bed. He said he is not at all interested in my concerns about safety or the poor quality of the bed-- it is sold as displayed in the store (which is not true-- casters, blocked-off ladder, thin mattress), and they only address defects. In the paperwork I recieved, it says "Ahsley Furniture HomeStore stands behind our products and will address any concerns you may have with your purchase." That would include not only defects, but also customer satisfaction-- I've paid for a bedroom set my son cannot safely or comfortably use!

Bottom line, very poor quality/functionality, and they have a "you've bought it, it's your problem now" policy! I got the runaround for a week, now it's just the brush off!

Their prices look too good to be true-- and they ARE-- but it's not free-- there's a cost, always a cost! In this case, my kids' safety! Don't do business with this store, and if you've been burned, report them to the BBB and to your state's dept of consumer affairs, or attorney general's office, and the local news!! In this economy, they should be out of business-- not ripping people off!

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