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Catonsville store has the worst customer service ever! I bought a dresser and chose the option to pick it up. The sales person convinced us that the dresser will fit into a mini van - but we realized the furniture was too big for the van when we went to pick it up. I spoke to the manager - thinking I'll be able to find some solution but the manager was so rude and kept saying it was none of his problem! It looks like their customer service ends the moment they have our money in their pocket. I understand that it was none of this problem but it the store's responsibility to not misinform the customers in order to just do a sale. The whole experience would have been better if we would have been treated nicely. The manager also had the audacity to suggest that I should just carry the dresser at the back of the van and let the end of the box hang out!

Ashley Furniture also has one of the worst return policy. There is a 30% restocking fee for cancellation and you will only get the remaining balance as a store credit! Make sure you read all the fine prints before you sign on that final receipt paper. I will definitely not step my foot into any ashley furnitures anymore!

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  • Al
      Mar 19, 2009

    First I went to Ashley for my furnitures need dues to the BBB symbol they poste on their website. I have also write a serious complaint to MD BBB about misleading and dishonest business practise using their symbol.

    My wife and I visited Ashley Furnitures 2 weeks ago to buy some furnitures. The salesman, DJ, looked at me hesitating on buying their furnitures started to convinced us about their 90 days policy. He explained, that within 90 days if we can change our mind if we put 10% down.
    After spending about 1 hr in this store and talking to DJ repeatedly about cancellation policy, DJ did not mentioned anything else but 2 things:
    1. the 90 days policy:
    10% down to hold the sale price for 90 days
    The store is not ordering until we put down
    50% or more

    2. extended warranty:
    DJ and the cashier keep selling us their
    extended warranty eventhough we made it clear
    repeatedly that we don't need it.

    2 weeks later, I changed my mind, partly due to their products, price and numerous complaints about their services.
    We proved to ourselve that those complaints we read over the internet were 100% right.
    We were told that :

    A. we have passed the 48 hrs refundable policy,
    which was never mentioned during saling
    B. 48 hrs non cancellation policy is NOT
    explained during saling process AND is NOT
    written ion our contract!
    C. DJ also failed to disclosed about non-refund
    able policy because he was busy selling the
    extended warranty.
    D. On the phone he denied everything and threw
    my called to a different person whom also '
    intidated me with 30% restocking fee if I
    cancel the order

    The order is clearly has not been made as I
    was told in the beginning that the order is
    made ONLY when I put 50% or more down.

    Noone in that store is willing to help or resolve
    this issue honestly and professionally.
    I know that we are in a bad economic state but should a company make profit by cheating, deceiving, lying, ripped off your right as customer? How can BBB allowed such company to display the symbol????

    I'm NOT willing to spend my money to a company that have taken out the joy of my shopping away
    even if I have to ruin my credit history!!!

    I've an excellent credit history for 21 yrs and if because of this incidence my credit history is ruined, SO BE IT!!!

    I strongly suggest everyone NOT to have anything to do with Ashley Furniture! You'd be better of sleeping in your floor!


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  • Ad
      Jul 10, 2009

    I strongly agree with both of you...I will not step foot into Ashley Furniture again. Poor customer service and bad return policy. You get what you pay for!! General Manager did not have the courage to call or email my numerous requests to speak with him. Skip Ashley Furniture if you're on Rt. 40 in Catonsville, Md.

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  • Un
      Sep 08, 2009

    Ashley Furniture has HORRIBLE service. After we spent $1000 on dining room table they sent us the wrong pieces. Then when we called to inform them of this they made us bring in the wrong furniture. Mind you we live an hour away. Then when we got the new piece it had scratches all in it. We finally just took the floor model. THE USED FLOOR MODEL. When we went to put the benches together they never sent the correct screws. Then they refused to call me back after I called to ask them to send me the right screws. PLEASE FOR YOUR SAKE NEVER EVER GO TO ASHLEY FURNITURE. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMER!!!

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  • I ordered $2K worth of furniture from Ashley Furniture in Catonsville...I was promised a quick delivery also. The invoice that I received after placing the order stated that special orders could take up to six weeks...which my order wasn't "special" when I paid for it. I have been calling weekly for the past few weeks and each time I call, they push the delivery date out even further. The estimated delivery date is now 9 weeks; which is more than the 6 week worst case scenario stated on the invoice. I inquired about cancelling my order and the customer representative, Treesa said she'd be glad to cancel my order for a 30% cancellation fee...on a $2K order, that's $600!!! She insisted that this information was listed on my contract--which I told her that I never saw a contract because I ordered it on the phone...she said they mailed it to me-which I have yet to recieve a copy. This business ought to be ashamed of theirselves.

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  • Re
      Nov 04, 2012

    i strongley agree with you all i spent 2400 dollars at ashleyrt 40 and the quality is no where near what it should be but thats besides the point couch and love seat was damaged and i let them know the same day they said send us pictures and i did so they say we couldnt see them i said well ok now what they sent a tech out 5 months later and he fix the couch but leave back of the couch kinda open and wrinkled i told him he wasnt fixing the love seat because the frame was broke he said ok so i get a call 3 weeks later and they say we will be sending a brand new love seat i said thank you so much well guess what its damaged to so i guess i have to wait 5 to 6 more months for them to decide what they want to do im so done with ashley furniture and to think i have been doing buisiness with them for over 11 years never again i just want my money back so pissed

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