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I purchased a nice black leather couch set (3-2-1) last August. After it was delivered we found that the leather quality was not great (to put it nicely). After about 5-6 weeks we couldn't hold it in any longer and we contacted Ashley. They sent out a technician who pretty much found the same issues that we found. Scratched leather, poor leather quality, non fills in the back areas... After talking to them again they said they have to send a supervisor out to look at it again. Also this person wrote down all the issues that he found.

After waiting for a week, I called Ashley again just to find out that they think that it is ok to sell bad quality. They told me that they will not do anything about it. I have written the BBB as well as the Consumer Trade Agency and I have contacted my attorney. I have talked to every supervisor or Manager in Customer Service. Unfortunately, I have no other choice than to sue them. I have a witness listening in when their technician was at my house saying that the set is not what it should be.

Very disappointing that Ashley thinks they can sell bad quality and then act like this in an economy like that.

BEWARE, their warranty is not worth the paper it is printed on!


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