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Seen hundreds of complaints on google and this web site..

Bottom line, I gave my gym 30 days notice in August 08 with a copy of my new lease and moving bill.
Sept was to be the last withdrawl, In Oct there was a withdrawl in the name of ASF International, not my gyms name. I bank canceled payment and I contacted ASF, The customer service rep stated they had no notice to cancel my membership ( But remember they changed the way they depted my account) she said to fax info over to the cancel dept, A few weeks later I get a notice that THEY denied the cancelation because I did not send it on their form and must keep paying dues until they approve. to make it easy i sent the balance due plus they cancel form and 2 weeks later they stated they have not recieved it yet, So I must resend a new check plus past due cost also...

So before you sign up with any fitness company nation wide or local, see who their billing company is and then search the web for complaints or complaments

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      Dec 21, 2008

    Well my check made it to my bank on Saturday 12/20/08, Now lets see if they do what the ciustomer service rep told me over the phone
    1. If I paid they last 2 months the extra fees would be waived, which is what my statment showed... and being my contract was non-renewable there would be no further attemps to charge my account...

    So I dont who is really to blame, The gym stated they sent the info to cancel, ASf stated I was to give both notice for approval to cancel.

    My Gym was North Ga Athlectic club off Ga400 in Cumming

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