ASF International / They're Crimminals!

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You guys are full of ###! ASF International are a bunch of thieves and what is really disgusting is that their clients don't like their practices either! I have talked to the original creditor about my issue with ASF and they have told me that they are having trouble with them as well. This company is so shady that they cancelled their membership with the BBB because they didn't have the personel to keep up with the complaints. Check out their BBB rating, "F" My company is a member of the BBB in good standing and honestly it doesn't take a whole lot! Integriy, Honesty, and true customer service is something that you don't really have to put a whole lot of effort into. These guys actually put forth more energy into ripping people off than it would take to be legit! My hope is that the Colorado AG closes these crimminals down!

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      1st of Jun, 2010

    Your opinion regarding ASF International's accredidation with the BBB is unfounded. We do have the personnel to follow up with the BBB. However, we cancelled with the BBB due to reasons that are shared between the BBB and ASF International only.

    Secondly, our clients do appreciate the services we provide for them. We simply make sure that members comply with the terms and conditions of the agreements they sign.

    Thirdly, way above and beyond the BBB, our relationship with the Colorado State Attorney General's office is a good one and solidly in tact.

    ASF International

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  • Sa
      6th of Nov, 2010

    .Check out their rating with BBB. One more lies by ASF International. you are right iceintheback.This guys are full of ###.

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  • Jr
      14th of Oct, 2011

    Your full of ###!!! "We simply make sure that members comply with the terms and conditions of the agreements they sign." Who in the [censored] agrees to pay almost $300 for two months at a [censored]ing gym??? I paid Sportplex $118 in August for first and last months gym fees plus I got 3 months free because i changed from a different gym. Then ASF charged me almost $175 from sep. 9th til oct. 11th. You are a piece of ### Chris Peterson!!! But my bank has given me ALL of that money back and charged it back to you and yes I had to cancel my debit card and get a new one so that your shady ### company wouldn't take anything else out!!! I PRAY that you get what you deserve you [censored]ing piece of ###!

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