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My wife and I signed our daughter up for a 36 month karate program. I should have known trouble lurked around the corner when the sensei put more effort into his sales pitch than that of his teachings. By the way Two Dragons Karate in Graham, WA is whole other story! Nonetheless, we signed a 36 month contract with the option to continue month to month upon completion. We were assured by the fast talking sensei that long before the 36 months were up he would personally call us into his office to discuss our options. NEVER HAPPENED! My daughter hurt herself 3 months before the contract was up and was unable to continue with class. Respecting the contract that we signed we continued to pay the monthly fee even though my daughter was not going to class. March 2010 came and my wife called ASF to cancel our contract. The rep told my wife that $129.00 would close the account. My wife gave the rep her credit card and paid the closing bill. The rep even gave her a confirmation number! April 2010 came and we were sent a letter from ASF that said we owed $99.00, a late fee and that they were sorry but the reason we submitted to them to cancel the contract wa not within their contract! April 26, 2010 I called ASF and spoke to some assinine ### who called himself Seth about the cancellation of our contract. All he could tell me was that he needed to put me on hold so that he could review the many notes on our account. Not faling for this, I told Seth that after he read the notes he could call me back and explain to me how we could cancel this thing once and for all! 3 houes later, this idiot Seth calls me back and tells me that after speaking to his supervisor Cody, it was found that the rep that had intially told my wife that $129.00 would close our account was not authorized to do so! Are you kidding me? I asked to speak to a manager at which point I was told that my account would have to be reviewed so that they could determine which manager I would need to talk to. Are you serious? That was enough for me, I told Seth that I would take care of this myself and hung up on him. The mentality level exhibited by Seth was that of a pea! I immediatly filed a complaint with the Colorado State Attorney Generals Office. I have yet to hear back from them. At this point the money is not the issue, it's the principal of the thing! We as honest consumers must stand up for ourselves and use what few avenues we have available to us to fight corporate corruption. The reason companies like this get away with this stuff is simpe, WE LET THEM! Each and every one of you that have been taken advantage of by ASF should file a complaint with the Attorney General's office! That is what we pay them for! For your convenience I have added their address.

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      1st of Jun, 2010

    The individual that posted this should expect a response within the next few days from the Attorney General complaint they filed in May. A resolution is in the horizon...

    ASF International

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      1st of Jun, 2010

    I certainly hope that the resolution is a fair and considerate one!

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      7th of Jul, 2010

    Iceintheback's demeanor in this post at times almost borders on paranoia:

    “all he could tell me was that he needed to put me on hold so that he could review the many notes on our account. Not faling [sic] for this I told Seth...”

    Falling for what?! Could it be that Iceintheback was being put on hold for exactly the stated reason? Nah, that COULDN'T be it.

    If during our call Iceintheback could have relented for just a moment from his cynical, self righteous victim-hood to start dealing with me as a human being trying to assist in resolving his issue then progress might have been made, but it appears to me he just wanted to call in to do battle with someone and he wasn't going to be denied or handicapped in this by having act like a reasonable and open minded person in the process. He was going to attack and put me on the defensive until he got his licks in and felt vindicated and then declare victory and hang up. I, as a customer service rep., have to deal with people like this from time to time. People like Iceintheback don't call in to try and resolve anything. They already have their minds made up. They “know” what the score is. They “know” they are being and will be dealt with unfairly and in bad faith and are calling in to let the bad guys know they know and call them out.

    And so it continues in this post. With a mix of pontification and paranoia, but with no good evidence, he continues by pronouncing how he was just a little too clever to fall for the sinister, stonewalling hold plot. How absurd.

    Another telling point about this man is his willingness to throw out other peoples' real names (which in the context of the company they work for also being know is potentially tantamount to divulging their full identity) and this while he hides behind a screen name. I think we can safely say that bravery is no more a gift of character that Iceintheback possesses than are an even temper, objectivity, good manners or humility. I can only hope the side he has shown here is the result of a highly emotional state and not intrinsic character.

    At any rate, this is all just my opinion. I wish to say I'm in no way representing ASF in saying any of this only airing my side of the story.

    Thanks, Seth

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