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hi there, my name is emma and i have worked at the asda store in woodham for just over 2 years now . i would like to make a complaint on the way i have been treated as an employe.
i have had a marriage break down and now live on my own with 2 children aged 3 and 7 i have had alot of problems with child care which my boss of my dept was aware of, after struggling to find childcare and working early mornings it became impossible for me to keep my possition as a home shopper, so had to hand in notice to leave . after meeting with the GM and my dept manager they offered me to stay and change my shifts to suit them and myself, i then took two weeks unpaid to sort out proper childcare (which is allready sorted )and to change benifits etc as i was droping hours ... i was told by the GM and my boss to start my new shift this tues 9-2 . i have just recived a telephone call from the peoples manager there to say that she has withdrawn the offer and now cant find any other job in the whole store all i want is a tue and thur 9-2 WHAT I WAS OFFERED BY THE GM. i dont see how they can offer me new hours and then just take them away from me ...please could you help me i dont care what i do but i do need to be working .i tried to call the GM today and was thobbed off no one seems to want to help me ...what do i do

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      Jul 15, 2011

    i would try and get a babysitter and go into the store and see the gm and if he/she dosnt see u i would not go intill he see you

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