Asda, Rotherham / Extremely Rude Staff

Rotherham, England, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I have been a client of Asda for years. Yesterday 31/03/2012 between 17.00-17.30 went to the store to buy some things. My son asked me to buy him some juice. When you enter the shop in your right hand they sell some juice there so I went there and got a small bottle of blackberries juice for him and went straight to the till to pay. I stood in front of the till and waited to pay. The first till was busy with a lady and the second, the staff was busy talking with another staff, so I thought was closed.I kept waiting, The staff from the first till went to do something else while I was waiting and the second staff just stood there looking at the infinite. After a few minutes 2 or 3 people did a queue behind me. A women came and went straight to the second till and payed for her sandwich, of course I got upset and was not happy with that situation cause the staff saw there was a queue and could have said the woman to wait. When she finish I when to her to pay for the juice without any kind of apologies. Naturally I was very angry, but I did not said a word, when I finish my payment the staff said thank you just when I turned my back and start walking away from her. As she realized I would not answer back and I started walking away from her she shouted again very angry thank you and again I was upset and angry with that poor service so I did not answer to her. And then cause now she was upset she call me ignorant. I could go back and argue with her, but I torn around and went to customer services and the staff gave me a book to write a complaint which I did. Today still waiting at least for an apology and I don't think I am going to have one. She has no right to call me names, she is there to help the clients instead she did a very bad job.


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