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ASDA HOME DELIVERY is the worst in the UK.
I have been a frequent buyer of ASDA a over 2 years now. At the beginning its fine, but recently deliveries are tending to be LATE and even DISAPPEARED.
Yesterday night was a nightmare, I ordered the slot 8-10 pm and was waiting for some food to cook my dinner at home, but no on e knock on the door till midnight !!!
I was really worried and want to call someone and see whats happened but the farking customer service line closed already.
I wait until morning and phones them and talked about it and the guy said "oh year.. it appears here that somethings wrong with the system, some how your order is not processed" BY now my card is already charged for the food and I was really angry about this.
No phone call, text, email, no one from ASDA seems to care about this missing order.
I asked for a compensation and the guy said what he can do is give me a free delivery pass for next order.
FARK that.
I'm not even considering using ASDA ever again and why are you giving me this useless shiet !?

I'm sure many people will still use ASDA because of the cheap price but I certainly won't be one of them.

Mar 10, 2015
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  • Ro
      Jan 06, 2010
    Asda - Poor customer service
    England, Staffordshire
    United Kingdom

    The customer service in asda Tunstall is appalling. The staff are far too busy talking to each other to serve anyone, or interact with any politeness. Serious training rquired...

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  • Si
      Jan 20, 2010
    Asda - chicken nail
    118 astley street dukinfield
    England, Greater Manchester
    United Kingdom
    Phone: [protected]

    whilst eatin an asda smart price chicken breast joint with sage ond onion stuffing i i noticed something in it an upon closer inspection i noticedd it seemed to be part of a chickens foot ...

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  • An
      Sep 24, 2010
    Asda - sellin out off date stock
    England, Humberside
    United Kingdom

    i do my shoppin every week as asda over the last few mounth most off what ment to be fresh i e bread cakes meat etc the list goes on is not lastin like it should with mould and food goin off as soon as u get it home ive got 4 children and im the career for my partner and in these hard time no1 should be gettin ripped off by asda i will be takein this to the food standerd and will be takein asda to court iff this matter is not sorted with me

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  • Sg
      Sep 29, 2010

    I placed an order by ASDA s website.On delivery of that order the next day i found all the bakery items i had requested had sell by dates on the same day of receipt.The rest of the items had no sell by date at all.
    The driver delivery person insisted that i sign for the goods even though i refused to take the out of date items.
    I was told i would get a refund but i was still to sign at the oridginal price.

    I found the customer services flippant and was cut off on two occasions.
    The delivery manageress at the Preston branch gave no apology and refused to give myself a head office number and address.

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  • Jo
      Mar 02, 2011
    Asda - price guarante
    Scotland, Strathclyde
    United Kingdom

    price guarantee i have 3 receipts and online it states in all 3 that i am due a refund. i do not have a printer and i asked if i take receipt back with voucher number could i get refund iwas told no therefor you do not get refunds if you dont have a printer !!!

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  • Gr
      Apr 27, 2011
    Asda - staff advice
    England, Hertfordshire
    United Kingdom

    hi i went in to asdsa to day to ask for ginger beer but the person who i spoke to advice me that ginger ale was the same as ginger beer but clearly it is two different products plz retrain your staff to give people help instead of misleading them to buy something that they were not after in the first place i find this wrong doing and very misleading

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  • Ca
      May 07, 2011
    Asda - Faulty Steamer
    England, Lincolnshire
    United Kingdom

    I bought an Asda Steamer and it is terrible, the cheap plastic stinks and even though i have washed and washed it, it still stinks and has ruined food! Asda will not refund me as I have lost my receipt. I have taken Bank statement into the store, but after spending an hour waiting for them to check each and every transaction, they say they have no record of my Purchase!!! Therefore I cn not have a refund or exchange. They don't give a damm!

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  • Ca
      May 18, 2011

    Yes it is an Asda Brand, I know the date and have shown them my bank statement, but they say they do not have a record of the transaction!!! so hard luck to me! I WILL NEVER buy an electrical product from them again!

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  • Ia
      Jul 29, 2011
    Asda - monthly payment of £35 not recognised
    England, Buckinghamshire
    United Kingdom

    £35 charged each month by" justanswer *tech sprt [protected]" I do not reconise this payment

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  • Ma
      Jul 10, 2012
    Asda - food
    England, Lincolnshire
    United Kingdom
    Phone: [protected]

    resteraunt not staffed enough as usual by these large companies who boast about the vast profits they make. We felt sorry for the staff who where doing there very best.One till, one serving, no cups, tables cluttered, what a breakfast we had.You companies are so sad.

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  • Ba
      Jun 09, 2015

    the attitudt of the staff on the cigarette counter is diabolical. in tunstall they need to get another job or go and get some serious training everything is tomuch trouble. and they just stand like old washer women gossiping . dont go any more they wind me up so much

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