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Asda / policies

1 United Kingdom

I wrote to ASDA to comment on what I considered was an unfair and illogical policy. They replied, ignoring most of the issues in my letter, saying that they HAD changed the policy concerned. Shortly after getting the reply I noted that they had not done anything. I approached the store manager, having received the reply and found that they had not provided the service I had commented on, only to be told that the policy HAD changed and that what I had experienced was a regrettable error. I then wrote back to their Customer Services, in Leeds, to express my concerns, disbelief and scepticism. To date I have not received a reply. When they read my second letter they probably rolled about laughing for a while whilst thinking do we give a damn?

I dared to challenge what looked like a blatant effort, on their part, to put financial concerns above customer service and their silence, so far, speaks volumes. As long as money keeps going into their pockets why should they worry about keeping their customers happy? Their web site (under "contact us") says that they want to hear comments in order to improve. In my experience they will hear but that is where it stops!!! The reply I received clearly stated that their policy had been changed in my favour and it hasn't!!

That's one of the blessings of being in a non-regulated industry you have nobody (except your shareholders) to answer to. Their attitude appears to be one of "put up with it or shut up" & "if you don't like it tough" - we don't care!!

Prove me wrong ASDA!

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